1. Ajbulger

    ecu pin help

    hey guys just a question surrounding an apex power fc d-jetro avcr and the fact my loom seems to be a tad off. when going to plug it all in in theory should be straight in looked to find theres no wire for an ecu ground in the loom based on the diagram i have should be 38 ecu power 39 ecu ground...
  2. S

    Where is the engine ground?

    I'm suffering from possible grounding issues to the ECU and from the S15 service manual it grounds to the engine ground F37. Where actually is that though as the diagram isn't that clear and I can't see anything obvious on the engine!!
  3. relentless

    Engine noise through speakers with stereo.

    Hi Guys Having a hard time getting my headunit to work correctly. Short version. Nzdm s15 4 channel amp powering incar speakers Have an older pioneer headunit using the factory wiring loom via an iso connector with an alternate ground which is connected to the shifter plate. Got a friends low...
  4. Krish

    Earth issues

    Got the dreaded hum coming through the stereo and my HID flicker occasionally. Also one bulb doesn't always come back on after flicking to main beam. I Looked at the earth points can't see any corrosion etc. Seen those ground loop stabilisers but not too sure if it will help?
  5. M

    Looking for a taller front bumper, need help!

    Hi all! New S15 owner here! :) I just purchased my car two months ago, and last week someone has already backed into my car in a parking lot and damaged my front bumper... This was both a curse and a blessing, because the driveway to my house is too steep for my car, since I scrape the bottom...
  6. D

    hks evc install

    hi guys, i have an old evc lying around thought i try installing it, if im deemed capable i understand everything already under some reading LOL - i just found out the s15 was internal wastegates :annoyed: anyways, my question is - red is 12v power - would u go under the steering column and...
  7. H

    Z32 MAF install

    I'm trying to install a Z32 MAF on my car but I'm having trouble finding a wiring pinout for the stock MAF. I have half of the equation. Z32 MAF A - not used B - Signal (white) C - Chassis ground (green) D - ECU ground (black) E - +12v (red) F - not used I need the same info for the S15...
  8. V

    ground wire

    alri fellow mebers, can anybody tell me if the metal holder on the ground wire to the battery is nessecary?? its on the wire and is bolted into the battery tray, because after fitting my FMIC i had to turn my battery sideways, and my ground cable just about stretchs and its begging to slip off...
  9. N

    If i was to get these wheels !

    Hey guess just want ur oppinion on these wheels and if i should get them for my WHITE s15... and im wanting to get them black or bronze, what u think ? AND! should i stick with 18s? or go 19s? coz wouldn't 18s be to small ...
  10. LuPix_S15

    Possible Aircon Condensation?

    Hope someone can put my mind at rest! I've just noticed today (after running the aircon more due to the decent weather) that there is dripping from the car to the ground when parked up etc. I've taken some photos. I have checked all the fluid levels and all is well. I've touched the liquid...
  11. A

    New wheels

    I am thinking about buying a set of 235x40x18" 7.5" (All four) I have stock suspension, so will my car sit higher off the ground after putting these on? My current rims are stocks with 205x50x16" 6.5"