1. Cess

    GT-R coil pack conversion

    I was wondering is anyone running a GT-R coil pack conversion? If so, what was involved, where did you buy your bits and what was the outcome? Contemplating a coil pack conversion, but not sure if it is complete overkill for my current spec (Stage 1A).
  2. Mike_Pap

    NISSAN Silvia S16 Concept

    Hello all, Iam a proud owner of a Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R from Cyprus. · NISSANshould continue in the same way the success of the R35 GT-R and introduce a newSilvia S16 and continue the legacy of the best drift car ever engineered. An FR sports coupe, with 4-cylinder engine -...
  3. K

    WTB: NEED R33 GT-R rear brembo calipers and brake assembly

    I need an R33 GT-R rear brembo calipers and brake assembly ASAP. I don't care if the caliper paint is chipping off or if it have pads or lines, as long as there is no rust inside or out and the pistons arent frozen and all the hardware is there. Brake assembly needs to be complete, I don't care...
  4. B

    EBAY 1euro - sr20de engine, bosch 040, takata style 6-point, rb25 oilpan, r35 parts

    have to clean my cellar. so grab yourself a bargain. ALL auctions starts at 1 euro without reserve. asks for exact shippingcosts. Nissan Silvia S15 SR20 engine for swap 200sx S12/S13/s14 usw. Bosch 040 Motorsport fuel pump...
  5. B

    EBAY - some universal and R35 Stuff

    up for sale some universal and r35 gt-r stuff. 3x gauge holder for dashboard Skunk2 - Sock for brake- or clutch fluid
  6. B

    FS: Nissan R35 GT-R Brembo Calipers

    Hi there, i´m selling a pair of complete NEW Brembo Calipers for R35 GT-R (front only). Price for new ones at Nissan Germany over 3000,- Euro. 1900,- Euro include shipping (open for offers)
  7. T

    Hello from Socal

    Hey everyone, I live in southern California and I bought a Silvia S15 Spec-S Unibody about three months ago. There aren't to many of these out here so I wanted to join an actual S15 Owners Club because in my experience some of the best info is found on owners club forums. Needless to say, I...
  8. G

    Peek at New Fairlady 370Z

    Looks like its using G37 VQ lump. Any one with better skill at cracking a sneak peek at the new Z34? I'd rather Nissan put in GT-R motor and call it 380Z :p
  9. A

    Food for thought...

    Was in a pub in Amsterdam about a week ago during a transit stop and a mate of mine asked me if in actual fact, is the s15 spec-r's drag coefficient lower than that of the r34? After some research a few figures keep coming up, the s15 some say has a 0.29 cd (magical) and 0.40 (more probable)...
  10. Topper

    New GT-R 1st Crash....
  11. G

    New Nissan GT-R

    New Nissan GT-R launching in less than a month in Tokyo Motor Show... Wish Ghosn can bring back the "S" car as well...
  12. B

    GT-R or S15?

    I' am confused wichone should I own..? a SKYLINE GT-R or a SILVIA Spec-R S15... Any recommendations plz .. :confused: