1. R

    6 cylinder Tachometer

    For those with 6 cylinder engines, ie. RB20, RB25, RB26, how did you get your tachometer to read accurately? I would like to keep the stock cluster verses having an aftermarket one. Thanks in advanced!
  2. Parky

    OEM Oil pressure guage intermittent...

    The oil pressure guage has started to play up, usually peaked around 4 bar and sat around 2.5 bar, now it works occasionally but tends to sit at zero and peak at just under 2 bar. Any ideas what could be causing it? fixes?
  3. Parky

    WTB: Wanted: 60mm mechanical boost guage

    Admin, remove please! Sorted, delete me!
  4. fez06

    stock boost guage reading

    just a quick one what should the stock boost guage read mine goes up to roughly 6. i know on my drift car which is an s13 i get 7psi standard but notice the S15 stock guage isnt in psi. is mine reading correctly? cheers
  5. XTension

    Stock Spec R boost guage bulb failure

    Hi, My light on the Stock Spec R boost guage is out. Can it be sorted easly ? Did anyone fix it? Or i should be better looking for a replacement Gauge to fit? Cheers XT
  6. Havoc

    WTB: Stock Spec R boost guage or aftermarket replacement.

    Hello. I'm after a replacement boost guage as the light bulb has gone on mine. Or if somewhere offers a straight plug in and go aftermarket one that drabs psi that would be fine. Cheers!
  7. W

    FS: 52mm defi bf guages, controller,leads, pods, CHEAP!!!

    Hi guys im selling these as i didnt even bother looking at the sizes when i bought them and found out they dont fit in my boost pod, im also going to be putting my car up for sale soon so would like to free up some cash to be honest. These guages light up white. 1x boost guage with sender and...
  8. W

    FS: defi's, bonnet, wings, hks, lights,skirts etc

    Ok guys having a huge clearout and all these bits need to go. All items are pick up only UNLESS STATED. Im happy to package bits up and and get them ready for a courier but it is YOUR job to organise this, im constantly working and really have no time to sort getting quotes for couriers etc...
  9. W

    WTB: defi sandwich plate

    Hi guys ive just recently bought defi black face oil temp guage defi black face water temp guage defi black face boost guage and the defi control box But i dont seem to have any wiring for the controller to be wired to the ecu? Also what sensors do i need for these? And also need the sandwich...
  10. J

    boost guage not reading

    Guys just a quick one (i have searched but cant find a location! :p) My factory boost guage has stopped working. Flicks up when the ignition and engine is switched on but just sits at 0 and wont move. Guessing its the pipe to the guage but i must be being thick as i cant seem to see it! :wack...
  11. R

    WTB: wanted guage cluster white

    l need a cluster guage needs to be white faced for my s15
  12. 4

    Battery light on

    I there guys I picked silv up 2 days ago and on the way back from work the battery light come on. And kept dimming and flickering everything still worked like the wipers etc. Any ideas? Also it used to have a defi fitted and he put the std guage in and it shows -7 all the time it does the swoop...
  13. DeanS15

    stack guage shaking?

    ive fitted a stack mechanical boost guage and have noticed that at idle the needle shakes quite a bit but under any acceleration/deceleration its steady. ive teed off of the fuel regulator vacuum. anyone else had this and cured it? thanks guys.
  14. Darren_S15

    Boost Pressure Leak?

    Im sure this must have been asked before but I cannot find anything on it... My engine is standard apart from an aftermarket exhaust manifold, and my boost guage is the factory one too. Just been out in my car and noticed that the boost guage is only going to about 0.5 when my foot is fully...
  15. D

    standard boost guage

    the bulb has gone in my standard boost guage, is it a nissan job or will places like halfords stock them??? i have looked through the forum but couldnt see any posts on it
  16. L

    boost gauge reading incorrect

    Bought a greddy boost gauge a while ago. But it was fine until I fitted the gauge on my car and took off it again. Now it's reading like pic. It is a mechancial boost guage. I've no idea how to fix this problem. :eek: Thanks
  17. N

    Stock fuel guage, what is the ohm range?

    I am replacing my fuel tank with a Fuel Safe Sportsman fuel cell and in the ordering process, they want to know what the ohm range is for the fuel guage so the can install a sender in the fuel cell. Anyone know this information?
  18. E

    Pictures of my guages ready for installation.

    Thought I'd include these as I think they match the car fairly well. ignore the wierd brightness on the middle guage - the LED isn't in the back properly. What do you guys think???