1. Cess

    Splash guards with non-factory bumpers

    Does anybody have any solutions for securing splash guards in place on non-factory front bumpers? My splash guard is clipped in the best I can, but still tries to escape past the edge or lip of my front bumper.
  2. A

    WTB: desperate

    need bonnet, headlights and passenger side guards asap please contact me if for sale....very urgent!!
  3. 0

    My 2002 S15 Spec S

    Hi all, Here are some pics of my 2002 s15. Mods: Apexi air intake Apexi boost gauge 3" turbo back Fujistubo exhaust Sparco NS2 rims 16x8 +22 Slightly pumped guards Strut braces Its fairly stock, just how I like it :)
  4. N

    WTB: s15 spec r splash guards

    hey guys just need front ps and ds splash guards from under the wings to finish car off so if some one has them let me no money waiting, many thanks ryan
  5. 70YSR

    Te37's or work meisters???? opinions?

    hey guys i'm over my boring 5 spoke nismo wheels that i picked up really cheap... i'm loving the idea of white te 37s on my blue s15 but i also love meisters simply for the dish... what does everyone think is better? also does anyone know what is the best fitment for stock guards that have...
  6. T

    s15 dimensions

    Gidday chaps, Does anyone have some measurements for the front guards on the s15? need info urgent cheers
  7. S

    18" Works Meister S1 on S15

    Hey guys, I?m looking at purchasing a set of 18? 'Works Meister S1? rims for my ?99 S15 Silvia, however I am unsure as to what sizes/offsets would be best suited. I do not want to negatively compromise the handling and/or steering of the S15. Here is a pic for reference: According to S15...