1. P

    Ey =)

    Hey Everyone, My name is Olivia. I came across this site while looking to import an s15. The car's not allowed into Canada for a few more months but I thought I'd get a head start and try to find an import now, rather than later. I guess I'm just super impatient, I've been waiting a whole seven...
  2. pinky15

    FS: a/c vents, window switch controls, and speedo cluster.

    Picked up these items for members on the forum and I guess they decided they didnt want them. Tried to return them but cant so I just want the stuff gone. Ill post up some pictures tomorrow. A/c vents x5 -60$ All are in good shape but a few have the metal clips broken off but they still fit...
  3. M

    Greetings from Essex

    Hi all. Recently set my sights on an S15 Spec R. Currently driving an Impreza STi V2 wagon pictured below. I'll probably keep that for the winter and look to upgrade in a few months time. Just wondering what the differences are, if anyone's gone from 4WD to RWD? Having never drove RWD before...
  4. A

    Yo, from Aus

    Hola peoples, Have held onto my unmodified (heathen?) S15 for coming up on 10 years in November. Australian delivery Spec R; hairdresser yellow (I'm a truck driver :P). Family history in Datty 1000s and 240z's, triple S's, 200Bs, 120Ys... see the pattern? I'm the non-luddite, I guess, lol...
  5. Ozone

    FS: S15 brochure for car and option parts

    Having a clearout at home and found these: I guess £10 plus postage is reasonable, let me know if you are interested. Ozone
  6. D

    newest s15 in the caribbean island

    guys thats all the pictures i have for now. it need some cleaning up. my goal is to make a sleeper and get her up to 400hp. I drove it today and it seems pretty much slow. i guess is because it's still stock. I will upload some more detail pics when i clean her up. oh iam missing the rear number...
  7. M

    WTB: NISMO S15 black dials / clocks

    like this long shot i guess!
  8. oilman

    Competition time aT Opie Oils

    With a lot of people entering our previous Guess the Car and Bike competitions we have decided to go down the same route and do another. We're hoping you find this one a little harder! If you enter our Guess the Car Competition, you will be in for a chance to win a bundle of top quality...
  9. Darren_S15

    Whats this then? (Throttle Body Hose)

    So on Sunday I managed to pull off the hose circled in red in the pic below: Some liquid came out of it and I immediatly put it back on as I thought it was a fuel line at first. But whatever it was had no smell and was just like water. Can anyone tell me what its for? Im guess it might be...
  10. E


    Hi there! I'm Matt from Cambridgeshire and I've signed up because I'm very seriously considering getting an S15 Spec R :) I'm now at the stage of trying to justify it to myself as not being a completely stupid idea! I've a few questions if you guys don't mind. Apologies if they're answered...
  11. tooley

    Oil Pressure guage.

    It seems to be reading backwards!!!! Its wired correctly. ive used my old sender not the one from the new gauge so im assuming that might be it. it could be reading a different resistence value. Guess ill have to put the new sender on. Anyone come accross this before?.
  12. R-Spec


    Came back from a friends house this weekend and :eek:! :confused::cry::confused::cry: :mad::mad::mad: - no need!! :censored: so help needed guys. Where can I find one and guess its a simple door card off and replace assembly?
  13. LuPix_S15

    My 15 is ready...

    for some performance tuning under the hood lol!!! Went to WGT in Middlewhich and got Pip Gardner to run his hub-dyno on the Silvia (after sorting out my geometry). 245bhp @ fly - well chuffed with the results :D All curves look good so I guess there's no excuses now to get her up to 300bhp and...
  14. P

    which wheels are these (on the S15OC banner)

    I mean this pic what wheels are these, they look nice, wonder if they would suit a black car, my guess is "yes" and was interested to see if anyone knew what make/model theya re/where i could find them :) thanks
  15. Yakozan

    Kazamas D1 winning S15 for sale

    Found this on driftworks. To bad it's going. Seems like alot of the D1 S15s are going up for sale. I guess that the tuners want newer cars to develop parts for though.