1. Jay-pan

    Anyone tell me the name...

    Cars been rough a few days was guessing it was a boost leak but all pipes were fine till i knocked this thing and a pipe just dropped off seems its broke off so glueing it for now but will need to replace it. But what is it? I'm guessing its something to do with the fuel purge tank?
  2. craig_m

    yahoo japan

    i dont understand anything on there and can never get the translater to work. but wondered how much it would be to buy and get this shipped to the UK. im guessing it's for a sr20det. would go with the plans i have for the engine bay :)
  3. DOM

    ABS or not ?

    Could anyone confirm what the black retangular box next to ecu is? I'm guessing it is the abs control unit.
  4. M

    Potential buyer

    Hi there, I'm new here! I'm thinking about buying an S15. I've always loved japanese cars, and the S15 won my heart pretty easily! At the moment I have a 206 I bought it for £9k a few years ago, and now I could (if I'm lucky) get around £5.5 - £6k for it.. I am a member of japan auto...
  5. W

    WATDA's S15 spec r

    Heres a couple of latest pics of my car: Mods were listed somewhere but hes a list: Remapped factory ECU, running 16psi, HPI dump pipe and 3" front pipe then 2.5" to the rear, BC coilovers, Camber and toe arms, 850cc sard injectors, Z32 afm, Trust intercooler, 60mm throttle body, Gizzmo EBC...
  6. A

    Starting issues

    Was about to take the S15 out of the garage yesterday but the car did not start. I will take a look at it in the weekend but thought I would run a few Qs with you first. Does the S15 have a Imobilizer? The car didn?t come close to spark so I?m guessing no fuel. So are there any fuces for the...
  7. mint


    Hey guys, well i plan on getting Bride's at some point, but wanting some Takata's too. Just not sure on the whole idea on the 4 point etc etc. I seen a site selling some for a good price and there was the option for 2 seater car and 4 seater car, im guessing that the 4 seater would mean i didnt...
  8. sushiming

    JAE july....

    hey guys when sorting out the D1 I have also been asked if we will be going to the JE aswell in july I am guessing most of us who will be going will be joining SXOC stand really init we wouldnt need our own stand??