1. JonoS15

    WTB: Turbo blanket

    Hey all anyone know where i can get hold of a turbo blanket? or know anybody thats selling one fairly cheap? I've got a rattle from my turbo heat shield so i'm just gunna remove it and put a blanket round it instead. cheers jono :thumbs:
  2. JonoS15

    WTB: drift wheels

    i'm looking for some cheep wheels to go on my s15 so i can replace my good ones when i take my car on a drift day. with tyres preferable (but not essential) not bothered about not alot of tred. As their gunna get messed up anyway ;-) any one know of any goin? cheers
  3. D

    and wheels

    Cheers lads Thanks for that on the BOV and induction just gunna price some now The car is like a pearl white, spec R 2ltr soon as i pick it up i'll post some pics Checked your thread on wheels and boy i'm lost now, not that simple is it was gunna put 18's on, standard suspension, not...