1. S

    New to forum, s15 owner to be!

    Hey guys, Name is Sina... Have been in the forums and car scene for a little while but first time on this forum, recently have been forced to sell my car and ive decided to buy and s15 to replace it! I live in Brisbane so would be good to meet some of the members around here once i get my...
  2. Havoc

    WTB: R25 gearbox

    As above fellow S15oc'ers I need to get my hands on a RB25 gearbox thats not ridiculous money! Many thanks!
  3. T

    Tetsuyagarage S15 build thread

    here is a chronological look at my build so far... i am using my blogspot name http://autongraphic.blogspot.com/ hence the tag in the pics night i got her model 5s 18x9+40 with 15mm spacer 18x10+45 with a 30mm spacer lowered it about an inch more and i got my hands on the wing i always...
  4. B


    Evening all, I'm Ben(22), from Nottingham. Dont have an S15 yet, but i'm stacking the cash saving for one. I've been freeloading and surfing on here a while gathering information and hopefully by this time next year i'll have my own S15. I'm a total petrol head and have the dreaded modifying...
  5. NICKO

    Single din mounting??

    Just wanted to know what cages everyone uses for single din mounting? at the moment ive got a double din cage thats just slotted in the gap with my head unit at the top and a tray at the bottom and well it just sits in there all crappy :nod: So was just wondering what you guys use for single...
  6. W

    Best Oil Filter Removal Tool For The S15

    Please recommend me something tried and tested as its a pretty awkward place on these cars. Before anyone says it, I've already tried using my hands using rubber gloves for half an hour but didn't have any luck at all so gave up.
  7. S

    Help needed:japanese car dismantlers

    as above guys i need to find a breakers breaking a nissan silvia s15 spec R preferably a 01-02(i think).. I need to get my hands on a oil return line assembly that goes from the turbo to the oil sump.... any help appreciated..
  8. S

    Valve for Work alloy

    Hi I just been enjoyin the day driving around in my s15 when i got a puncture, took the wheel off and brought it into be repaired, on arrivial home when i went to replace the wheel it was hissing- they split the valve. So I need to get my hands on a valve for a Work Emotion wheel please, cant...
  9. P

    Damn ap cars and not having jap hands......grrrrrrr

    :mad: Well I had to replace a globe for the drivers side low beam today after it decided it's lifespan would be 4 years. Thought I would replace both globes so I wouldn'r have to faf about if the passenger side went soon after. Then thought I may as well get some nice Xenon blue globes...