1. E

    FS: NISMO Suspension (yellow and purple)

    Just gauging interest as I need coilovers in my life. It'd be handy if they were collected. Looking for £200
  2. R

    afm question

    how should i go about cleanning my afm on my s15?? wat should i use to clean the elements? is it a handy job? thanks
  3. N

    FS: S15 Service Manual Discs

    I have service manuals for the s15 sr20det if anyone is interested can post , on disc , found it very handy doing repairs, just said id mention it incase anybody is interested!!!!!!!
  4. A

    What to look out for?

    Alright lads,I am going looking at a yellow 2001 S15 tuesday,just wondering what i should be looking out for in general?Have no problem spotting a crashed one,just the extra bit of help would be handy.....:notworthy:
  5. J

    Went for a drive one day and...

    twisty road deserted had camera handy ... couldnt help myself... hehe p.s. my friend helped me take it.. :D