1. J

    White S15 Spec R. Sheffield, Frechville.

    White S15 Spec R. Sheffield, Birley Moor Road Drove past a gorgeous spec r on someone's drive everyday for about a year. Haven't seen it for about 2 months. Wondering if anyone on here knows whos it is as id quite like to know what happened to it. Reg was V851OBA.
  2. Auss15

    What happened to the last 3 days

    What's happened to the last 3 days of forum activity, it's like we've stepped back in time....
  3. W

    help found my oil leak problem (hairline crack on engine block)

    leaking a tea spoon of oil every few days or so. Car runs fine and compression test came up 145psi across all 4. What are my options to seal the crack? Has this happened to anyone else? the crack is on the front of the engine just below the head gasket. s15 sr20det
  4. spoonman

    Snapped Camshaft bolt, what not to do when installing rocker arm stopper

    My rocker arm stoppers from Tomei arrived today, according to the installation instruction that come with them, they say to torque to 11.8Nm the cam nuts, at this low setting i discovered the hard way to make sure the wrench does not move higher then this setting, which happened just by...
  5. Trial_S15

    WTB: Aftermarket Exhaust for Spec S S15 - cat back

    This happened yesterday so I need a new exhaust for my S15 :( It happened at yesterday at 30kph but I reckon Fridays trackday had a lot to do with it! It's a spec S so I think the ideal width would be 2.5" So what have you got? Located in Ireland preferred... Edit: ideally S15...
  6. S

    My Ricey Audi tune lol

    Do not spew at me lol I just happened to buy one when I was surfing but not sure of using it.........
  7. Y

    loss of power and noisy dont know why.??

    Hello friends, Im having a spot of trouble with my car and its really starting to annoy me. Sometimes when I start my car I have no power the car idles fine but shakes and backfires when I drive it. The car will drive but the turbo doesn’t kick and no acceleration in it. It might not happen...
  8. G

    1993 MR2 battery problems i think!

    Hey Lads, havin problems with my mr2 at the moment. i put a new battery in it but if the car is left sitting for 2 days it goes completely dead. is the altenator the most likely problem? if so any idea how much it would cost to get it sorted? this would never have happened in my S15 :no:
  9. Yakozan

    Video: Hyperlemons drift S15

    What happened to hyperlemon who used to be on this forum? Well found a video of his S15 which I think is sold now though. Click me
  10. S

    car is vibrating...

    it happened about 3 or 4 times recently. When I turn my car on, i feel some very unpleasant shakeness through my gearbox and whole car. like a tractor Could it be coilpack or one of spark plug out? If I turn the car off and turn it back on after few seconds it is ok. Do coilpack or spark...