1. Havoc

    WTB: S15 front crash bar.

    Right I'm after the black front removable crash bar that you have to remove to fit a FMIC if anyone has one lying about I'd happily take it of your hands! :) Catch My Drift?
  2. D

    FS: ORC single plate clutch kit

    ORC clutch from my S15 to suit the 6 speed Spec R gearbox. Not sure but I think it's a 409, was happily coping with around 400bhp before it was removed :) £300 plus postage :)
  3. JaseYpk

    WTB: Headlight cluster **urgent**

    Hola! I need the passenger side front headlight urgently, my car is due to arrive at the place where im gonna fix it up and ive located pretty much everything i need bar this one!! I need the SILVERY BRONZE headlight, not the black one. HOWEVER... if someone does have both front black ones...
  4. jp

    Custom Gear Ratios

    I know from reading elsewhere that the final drive ratio for the S14 & S15 boxes are the same, but I was wondering would it be possible to take the gears 1-5 from a 14 box, put them into a 15 box, & modify the 6th gear to such a ratio that you could quite happily sit at 1800 or 2000rpm at...