1. A

    S15 battery harness

    Never mind.
  2. S15AK

    Intermittent stutter

    Got a intermittent stutter/misfire problem, not sure what it could be. Plugs have been changed, service only just done, its been mapped this year so all in good health. However ever now and again if I go for a quick launch, so build up the revs and go for it in first, the engine seem to bog...
  3. I

    Illuminated emblems anyone?

    I can get you these if you like...Add a bit of glitz to your silvia... http://www.g-corporation.co.jp/product/s15le/index.html Let me know your thoughts on them either way...love them or hate them! :thumbs: or :down:
  4. S

    Power Steering

    Does anyone know what would happen if the belt for the pulley on the above? Obviously the steering would go heavy but would it cause any damage to the rack and if not could you drive it as normal (hate power steering).
  5. L


    Hey, just thought I'd say hello :wave: Been lurking about a bit but was never an owner so never joined! Fortunately Trial_S15 is selling me his, so I'll no doubt be in here regularly trying to educate myself further! Have been driving an EK Civic for the past 3 years (don't hate me, they're...
  6. R

    Headlight protectors

    Anyone know where to get a set of headlight protectors for an S15? I've seen a few pics of one with them on, and they look like they're an OEM part. I hate to think how much they'll cost though! :eek: :wack:
  7. J

    They're gonna taste great

    Oh really... do you lot hate this kid as much as I do?! :mad: http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/frosty/
  8. A

    Steering wheel

    Hye people. Does anyone know what the part number for a steering wheel like this is? I relly hate the one that came with the Aus spec s15.
  9. J

    I hate my head!

    No - not the one on my neck... that's not nearly as bad as the Kenwood in my S15 :D Seriously, apart from it being a bit of a biaatch to operate settings etc. I find the CD player skips an awful lot. Now I've cleaned the CD player lense and tried a brand new disc in the player and it still...