1. S15_SAM

    Awesomefest anyone going?

    Alright guys. Me and the mrs are heading up to Awesomefest next weekend, just seeing if anyone else from here is heading up?
  2. japmadlad

    thinking of heading to OZ

    Thinking of heading out to OZ. Feck all work here & i've come across 2 jobs, 1 in brisbane/gold coast the other is the mines in victoria/tasmania. What are these areas like to live/work? Gona have to do something to allow me to do electrical work over there & sort working holiday visa. leaning...
  3. J0R04N

    Meet: Sunday 10th October At Bassets pole birmingham

    There is a big car meet every sunday here. There are quite a few people heading up this weekend. Last week there were quite a few S14. Thought mite be nice to see a few more S15 up there. Mine is the only one that is ever there. If any of you live local might be worth coming up. Normally some...
  4. Big Ned

    Pewter S15, Sunderland.

    I spotted an S15 with aero bumper weds night at about 10:15pm on the A1231 heading into Sunderland. Anyone on here?
  5. Miss S15

    Open Event: Any Irish Heads heading to Japfest/Custom and Performance Shows

    Japfest Custom and Performance Heading to both myself!
  6. Miss S15

    Any irish members avialable on the 26th?

    Anyone heading to this pro drift event on the 26th? Me and a few friends are heading and are having a stand at it,already have 5 s15's going with me if any of ye Irish members want to tag along let me know!
  7. S

    So, Im stateside...and heading to london...

    Some of you guys live in or near london...I am heading there in January for 2 months. Any places you guys recommend I check out? Any of you locals wanna show me around? lol