1. chico656

    FS: Parts needed for my written off s15

    I'm desperate need. Does anyone have a coolant bottle, windscreen bottle, and a small battery (i think it's called a varta battery). I also really want an apex performance type 1 FM Intercooler and headlights. Then I'm done and can start on my written off s15!! MASSIVE THANKS IN ADVANCE and...
  2. N

    Sr20det noisey head

    My sr20 ever since the head gasket was replaced has a slight ticking that is inconsistently there, I have bleed my lifters and that never helped any ideas? There are no leaks from the gasket, will try get a video up shortly
  3. B

    DRV meter-what is it?

    As above Can anybody tell me what it does exactly? Mine appears to basically be a secondary rev counter but I can't help feeling that there's something more to it A Google search hasn't helped Thanks in advance Nick
  4. K

    Hello all

    new to the forum.from dublin ireland will be getting an s15 short enough and before i did i just wanted to get to know the cars from the owners so here i am, ill be buggin ye all with the silliest questions, already have to thank subzero, slammedmind and a big thanks to trial_s15 who helped me...
  5. sushiming

    Thanks to all the people on the forum

    I just wanna say thanks to everyone on the forum as from a idea which was'nt much but now we have just over 100 members and hopefully get even more soon.... I wanna thank everyone which has put effort in helping to get this forum up and going and nicely which has helped out the most and his good...
  6. J

    Went for a drive one day and...

    twisty road deserted had camera handy ... couldnt help myself... hehe p.s. my friend helped me take it.. :D