1. JDM_virgin

    WTB: s15 Speed sensor

    After more electrical hunting I have found that my speed sensor is shot due to power being sent up the earth (dont ask!) anyway i need a replacement so a part number or place to buy would be helpful. Have found nothing on ebay or google but just loads of stuff about them :(
  2. Lai

    Removing and fitting extended studs

    Will be attempting this at home. Rears and fronts, any instructions/advice would be helpful Thanks Sent from Lai-Phone using Tapatalk
  3. eiden88

    Greddy e manage ultimate on turbo'ed spec-S

    Hi all! Felt my "hybrid" s15 needed some better electronic control over the engine. It's a turbo'ed spec-S with an apexi afc neo 3 as engine controller So I decided to go for a greddy e-manage ultimate with an aem uego wideband to speed up tuning with an a/f ratio target map and a z32 maf...
  4. DeanS15

    anyone familiar with this car? looks tidy, and familiar, did it used to be on here - if anyone knows anything about it it would be helpful as someone i know is interested in it ;)
  5. S15RKM

    ABS Light On

    Have just finished work,got in my car and the ABS light is now staying on,has anyone had this problem and any ideas as to the cure? The rear pads are very low not sure about the fronts though will the low pad sensor light this up or is that a seperate warning lamp.Actually does anyone know all...
  6. Z

    hey all

    Hey all :wave:, im in australia and i got my car a couple of months ago, a black 2002 s15. i stumbled across this site whilst doing a bit of research and it has been so helpful. il hopefully post some pics when i get around to taking some.