1. H

    Headlight bulb confusion

    My car supposedly came with factory HIDs (car is currently locked away so cannot check at the moment) so does my car use HID bulbs like this: but i have seen some people say they are just normal Halogen bulbs like this (in which case my understanding is they aren't HIDs)
  2. N

    Hid headlight issue

    Hello guys I just brought my missus a spec s with the hid's fitted but the connections don't want to go together even though they look like they should be able to fit together and the plugs are a different colour. Is that the hids arnt the original lights on the car? I'd look at my 15 but its...
  3. Burnsy

    HID Ballast

    hi guys drivers lamp went a couple weeks ago, bought some new lamps but still not fixed the problem. im guessing the ballast is knackered, can someone point me in the right direction of a new one??? they are factory HIDs anyone ever repaired one? thanks
  4. M

    WTB: s15 passenger headlight/pair

    after a hid passenger headlight or a pair of non hids. let me know
  5. J

    these the right HIDS?

    hi, mine are getting old nowwww. these right for the normal beam 6000k h1? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-H1-H3-H4-H7-6000K-8000K-HID-Xenon-Conversion-Slim-Headlight-Bulbs-Kit-813A-/120894703066?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1c25e2c5da and then what would i need for high beam...
  6. N

    headlights left side not working

    Hi guys, my left headlight has suddenly stopped working, i have aftermarket plug n play HIDs they have worked a charm up until now, i have tried a different set of HID's and it works for a bit, then dies again, i tried taking it out and just putting a standard globe in and it still doesnt work...
  7. mint

    HID.. Yup, Another question...

    Ok, iv been looking into HID's for the s15. Im not going to shell out just under £1400 for a set of OEM HID Headunits. Iv been told its illegal to do this tho? Anyways.. Whats the best kit on the market at the moment for a set of good HID's? also, There is a 2 page thread on here about Retro...
  8. M


    Hey all im a noob at stuff like this i was wondering how do u no if you have standard hids in ur JDM S15 how can u tell any help would be sweet Thanks Brad :annoyed:
  9. M

    JDM factory HID headlamps?

    Hi all, I've got this pair of headlamps that came off a JDM V-spec (last version I believe). The lights are white but not exactly ultra bright though I was told they are HIDs. It didn't come with anything resembling ballasts though. Are they in fact HIDs or just bright/white Xenons? Those...