1. Curryzz

    What shall I do? S15 or mates SC DC5

    I need some help making a decision, I have a friend with a Super charged DC5, it's a 03 plate, looks very nice and goes very well, He has spent around 7k on the charger and a clutch etc, he wants to do a straight swap, I'm quite tempted as I work for Honda and sell Spoon Sports parts as a job...
  2. Curryzz

    Would these fit my s15 and look propa;) Hmm I like these
  3. Curryzz

    Engine torque damper

    Just a quick one, as my engine is out iv decided to get a couple parts reprayed to tidy things up, strut brace ends etc, I was wondering as I have a cheepy ETD wondered how to check if it works ok? I put all my weight on it to see if it moved but it doesn't budge, I realise it's got to be hard...
  4. mint

    Someone buy these!

    I know im not an owner no more, but meh.. I LOVE these! im in Japan just now, i'll see if i can shed some info hmm
  5. mint

    hmm... s13+s15 = s??

    well.. what you guys think? :smitten: :thumbs: / :down:
  6. S

    what's this bumper?

    hmm i can't figure out which maker it is..