1. phillll

    EPRacing - Rear Lights. Any good?

    http://www.epracing.co.uk/Nissan/Nissan-S15-/S15-Rear-Light/p-671-861-2621/ Anyone got a set of these fitted? What's the fitment like, and how are they holding up? Cheers.
  2. DeanS15

    FS: fuel level sender, fuel pump cradle and pump

    for whatever they cost to post, someone can have these rather than me throw them away... if you need the let me know as i wont be holding on to them for long :)
  3. A

    WTB: Need some bodyparts

    Hi, I wrecked my car today and now I need some parts. Right and left front fenders. (Fiber glass or original) Bonnet (carbon or original) Watercooler Front plate who's holding the intercooler and watercooler etc. Please let me know if you have these parts.
  4. S

    driver side lower dash

    how the bugger do you get it out? i cant find any other bolts except for the screw by the centre console. feels like theres something by the door holding it on, but i dont want to yank too hard incase i break something ^^ pointers plz people!
  5. P

    new seats

    was let down by the company that where making my seats, so i have canceled the order and gone for some holding monsters instead. will have to wait a lot longer now though! i could have had them already if i ordered then when i first placed a seat order!
  6. irvs


    any one found any "hidden" car secrets, like holding a button for longer does something differant.etc.
  7. J

    Flat as a pancake day

    Guys & Gals, where's the best place to order a battery from :rolleyes: Mine's dead after 6 weeks off the road. I charged it for 6 hours on Saturday and took the car on a 300 mile run on Sunday but this morning, it's flat again. I can only assume it's not holding its charge very well :( I...
  8. E

    Radio single din kit?

    Hi, I just recently installed a single din deck on my S15 myself (comes with double din before), where can I can that single din kit (the black box holding the stereo and have a din below)? parts number? thanks. :confused:
  9. J

    Fitting Guide: Apex'i Power Intake for idiots!

    OK, I realise most of you guys have probably already fitted an IK of some sort and your technical abilities almost certainly exceed mine by some way, but I thought this small offering may be useful to any future newbies who need some technical guidence! Usual disclaimer applies, this is just how...