1. B

    Aero Spoiler holes - oem one

    hi there, have here a oem aero spoiler and want to moutn it on my boot. but at all i searching for the messurement of the oem mounting holes from the rear spoiler. would be great if anyone who have a aero spoiler and have it down could do a quick messurement. look the attachment please
  2. Mange

    Fitting OEM aero spoiler

    Hey guys, I've recently bought a S15 Aero spoiler but need some help with the measuring where to exactly drill the holes. I searched the forum and found these two threads: http://forum.s15oc.com/showthread.php?3345-spoiler-fitting&highlight=spoiler...
  3. S

    FS: sx-si's Sale Thread **updated**

    Autobahn 88 Fmic for s14-s15 japspeed and apex both sell them for a little over £300 as its not perfect due to light fin damage and wherer the pipes have rubbed on bare metal i think £150 is acceptable theres no holes and run perfectly on my s15 damage Horsham Developments recirc kit for...
  4. B

    Aero bumpers and racing logic coilovers

    hi people im not sure if ive put this in the right section but im just wanting peoples views on these aero bumpers, they are a frp replica from japan, ive searched everywhere and these are the only ones i can find, my mate has got a container coming over in the next 6-8 weeks and im thinking of...
  5. M

    WTB: Non spoiler bootlid

    Looking for a bootlid with no holes for a spoiler in it. Colour not important.
  6. J0R04N

    WTB: S15 Boot without spoiler holes

    After the above, want to try the ducktail spoiler but want to keep my aero one just in case I don't Like it :wack:
  7. Fasthands

    WTB: thermostat housing outer.

    SR20 thermostat housing, the one that the bottom hose clamps to, tube and the dome with three bolt holes. assuming they are the same on S15 and S14.. I need s15 one if not.
  8. Mike

    WTB: Boot lid

    Toying with the de-spoiler look anyone have a boot lid kicking about? Or know of where to find one without holes in? Any companies etc? Dont mind FRP depending on price. Cheers
  9. DeanS15

    FS: carbon fibre garage defend style cooling panel (painted pewter silver)

    for sale is my carbon cooling panel from the original group buy. basically it had some spider cracks in the lacquer, these were repaired, the unnecessary holes filled and then painted pewter silver when i had my car done. it's freshly painted but you can see the feint outline of the original...
  10. sliding-r

    Calling people with whiteline ARBs

    Got my second hand arbs repainted this eve as there a touch rusty as they all go.. Just cleaned them and used some silver hammerite.. Works a treat ; ) Now I have measured my rear one and it appears to be the 20 mm version not 22 m but I'm sure it's much better than the stocker.. What the oem...
  11. adz87kc

    Holes in front bumper

    Just after a general idea of what you guys done after you fitted a FMIC. I have an aero front bumper which used to have to stock fog lights but i've had to ditch them as they obstructed the intercooler piping. I'm not bothered about that but i don't like having gaping holes there with the water...
  12. H

    FMIC battery fixing

    Hi, Just fitting my Apex Type 1 intercooler and have drilled the hole in the battery tray and swivelled the battery around but not sure on how to fix it back on again. Will I need to drill any holes to fix it in again? Thankyou :wave:
  13. andeep

    Japspeed turbo elbow confusion

    I have just received my turbo elbow for my S15 Silvia. I do not have to car just yet, but was sourcing all the parts ready to fit when I get the car. The turbo elbow has 5 holes to be fitted to the turbo. The japspeed turbo elbow came with 5 studs: 3 x thick ones with 1 nut on the end and 2x...
  14. S

    Holes in the right side of engine bay

    Just under the relay box and the battery and so on... there is two holes one for the intercooler piping which is fair enough, but then there is another just next to it under the relay box which I think shouldnt be there... I had an arguement with the seller as I am trying to get the car...
  15. S

    G Box and Diff Filler holes

    I've searched the site and looked at the S15 maintenance manual but cant find what I'm looking for. I'm assuming the drain plug for both will be simple to find however I am not too sure if I'll find the filler. Also, would it be best to fill through the top of the gearbox as I have read on...
  16. B

    removing the rear nissan badge.

    i know this was briefly discussed in another topic. But i was just wondering how some of you removed the badge? and just to double check that there will be no holes left behind the badge after removing it that will need filling and spraying. any ideas or tips will be appreciated. cheers...