1. Jaydej

    Tow hooks where???

    Hello people I got my first track day coming up and I realised I can't see any two hooks or eyes anybody know if there is any and where they are?
  2. K

    tow hooks

    can anyone help me in finding tow hooks that are for track use . i'm not talking about the factory hooks located under the car . i'm talking about these hooks i've seen that stick out from the bumper for when you tow the car so that it doesnt mess-up your bumper or kit .
  3. LuPix_S15

    Towing this time!!

    Ok, another one of my silly questions which I keep forgetting to ask... I'm thinking about track days this year as well as 'The Ring' so I want to make sure that should trouble loom (which I hope not), I can get towed out of gravel traps etc. I've also read somewhere that some tracks won't...