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    Been offerd a part/ex with 85trueno??

    As above ive been offerd a 85 corolla coupe as a part ex for my s15 spec s...hes lookin for 9500 for hes an ive mine for sale for 11500,what do people think..would i be mad to take it as ill be selling it straight away again as im hopin to move to oz in the new year! which do u think would sell...
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    hey from ireland

    hey guys and girls! name is keith and as you have probably guessed, im from ireland! at the moment im driving a 99 Civic SiR, but after owning it now for well over a year, i find myself wanting to move onto a bigger and different kind of car. bring on the S15!! always been a huge fan of these...
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    never know what to put for a welcome topic?

    Hey, little about me, 22, from northants UK currently don't own an S15... but as a fairly "speedy" decision over the bankholiday weekend, i've decided to sell my current car, which is a civic VTi, and.... for the bill for an S15! :D i do already know sushiming from here, and hopefully poppin'...