1. JaackSlaughter

    WTB: SR20DET Wanted

    Wanting an SR20DET engine with ancillaries, hot and cold sides, intercooler, ecu. loom, clutch and flywheel. The more on that list the better but show me what you've got. Doesn't have to be from a spec r s15 but would be better. Thanks
  2. Packham

    Bent Valves!

    Wondering if any sr20 wizards could help me out? My car isn't starting, took it to a specialist garage to where it has been before and they found the compression was very low. On further inspection almost all the valves were bent! It used to cough and splutter on full throttle when it was hot...
  3. JDM_virgin

    WTB: Aluminium Hot pipe

    As in the title, not worried about brand.
  4. gaz15

    Quick tap

    Does anyone know where I could get a quick tap from? Just about to fit my FMIC and need it for the boost hose to keep it as short as possible on the hot side. What do you guys recommend, what have you done on yours? Weld a nipple into the hot pipe or quick tap into the silicone. Cheers :D
  5. Joe_S15

    Rocker cover painting, help please

    My friend is powder coating my rocker cover and a few other bits for me this week but isn't sure whether you need to remove the small plastic bit thats riveted on the underside. He's concerned that it might melt when they bake it in the oven, but i would have thought it gets pretty hot anyway...
  6. Fruitbooter

    Can someone check something for me on your own S15

    After going for a decent drive (30min plus) normal driving and braking, can you see how hot your rear hubs get? (Just hand touch the top of the hub through your wheel) My driver side has been getting rather hot lately and I don't know if its normal because of the weather and heat here in the UK...
  7. S

    Real bad heat soak

    hi lately car has been feeling more n more sluggish I believe it's heat soak and it's pissing me off alot. I have the autobahn88 front mount and after driving it's pretty hot so I'm assuming its not cooling the engine quick enough? My thoughts are buyin a turbo blanket that's all I could think...
  8. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    white smoke ..?

    Ok I have heaps of white smoke pouring out my exhaust after long like 2hr ish drives boosting alot. It never happens normally only when i'm driving for a long time. It happens when i stop and its idling but fine when i start driving now i don't think and would be really surprised if its the head...
  9. J

    Help please !

    Hello I hope that I could get some help, My s15 started getting hot it got to nearly red slight steam from rad but reserve bottle was boiling. I had to put 2 litres of water in it after but oil seems to be at same Level so don't think its mixing, it seem to have pressure in rad and the top of...
  10. G

    brake issues need idea's please

    okay ive just installed a set of new rotors and green stuff pads, brakes feel fine plenty of stopping power only problem is my back brakes get so dam hot compared to the front, and i mean glowing red hot, to the point that all i can smell is back brake pads, if i lock the brakes in the wet the...
  11. LuPix_S15

    Another HOT shoot with Kelli + FD3S

    Hi folks...
  12. J

    Oil cooler/pressure help!!??

    What is the max oil pressure sr20s put out??as fitted an oil cooler and the pipes are rated for 10bar is this good enough?? ALSO,, with my oil cooler fitted my oil pressure is at 35psi/2.2bar when ticking over when hot and my oil temp is about 45degrees,is this ok or do i need a thermostat...
  13. sushiming

    FS: option mags + other stuff L@@K

    Option mag S15 special £ 3 Option fans x 3 £4 Options mag x 13 mixture £10 Hot Machine x 3 £3 Hot machine TYPE R £2 Travel Books New York, Prague, Phuket £3 each new york and prague missing maps
  14. B

    S15 giving hot air

    i have a JDM S15, and its giving hot air under foot rest. outside air is cool but inside is warm and hot all the time. it happened after i got my intercooler installed. it has climate control. i turn it down to cold max has the button which take cold air in, it help a little bit. not much...
  15. D

    Evilchap's Spec R Aero

    Lookin good cant wait too see the RB26 in! Can imagine it with the blue rocker cover too would look hot!
  16. 1

    Hot eratic idle

    My car has been have eratic idle. (almost stalled when put into neutral when coming to a stop). This only happen when the car is hot lets say after 1/2 hour of driving. Friend suggested boost leak, will check later when free, but just hope anyone got a 2nd opinion? Thanks in advance.
  17. Topper

    FS: Blitz Bov on Hot Pipe

    Blitz Bov on Hot pipe, will fit SR20 - ?100.00 + P&P Included in sale are - Blitz Bov fitted to Hot pipe About a metre (enough to reach from one side of engine to other) of 5mm Samco vacuum hose (blue) 2x Dano aluminium plugs for plugging up the relevant pipes Here's a pic of it fitted to...
  18. S

    Nicely is a girl?

    I tell you that I feel like swearing so much ( bad or good?)... so just listen.. A couple of nights ago, I had a dream... yes. A dream. I emphasise. DREAM. I just remembered... Some of us had a meeting in UK. (Hilarious how I got there with my car) but then freaking funny thing popped out...
  19. S

    CYPRUS :D damn, thats a HOT S15!