1. S15Cro

    WTB: OEM Hotpipe and Bov

    As per title, looking for the standard hotpipe and bov with all the hardware if possible. Will need to be posted to Cork, Ireland. Cheers
  2. K

    WTB: s15 hotpipe

    I need a s15 fmic hotpipe... if someone has a spare... please help me on this one. if not i am intrested in a whole set as well. greetings
  3. LuPix_S15

    HKS SSQV Installed: Video + Question

    Folks, Managed to grab some time this morning and ripped out the Blitz BOV which was welded to the hotpipe - replaced this with OEM black hotpipe. Then continued to remove the OEM re-circ system and replaced this with the SSQV kit I bought from SRB Power :) However, I didn't get enough time...
  4. paddyb01

    greddy hotpipe

    need the hotpipe for a greddy intercooler anyone got one for sale or know the best place ta get one? thanks paddy
  5. C

    FS: Turbo to Hotpipe - Blue Silicone Hose

    Pipes measure 51mm internal diameter, by 100mm long. It is a perfect fit, and exactly the same sizes as the original pipe. I wanted to change my original black turbo to hotpipe hose for a blue one to match all the other joints, but could only buy it in lengths of 76mm, which is too short...
  6. T

    Dyno sheets

    pidges s15 Finally got the car mapped Friday by Robbie at track day performace in wicklow, with the pumps limited to 95ron :no: round Mayo it was the my only option, but happy enough with the results, was a bit worried bot runnin 1.2 bar boost on this fuel but the powerfc hasnt reported knock...