1. M


    Hey hows it going, Im from ireland . I have an s 15 for a few years now only getting to joining this now.
  2. B


    hows it going, just purchased a s15 spec s .. getting it in a few days.. i like the look of the forums.. cheers
  3. J

    Jap show finale

    .... who's going? :) I'll be there, in the R33, which (as a bit of an update) now features custom leather/alcantara interior and a tasty elbow/downpipe/decat and cat-back combination! I thought selling the S15 was suppose dto save me some money?! :eek: Mmm. :wack: How's everyone anyway...
  4. irvs


    in my area theres a 'big' craze for evos and imprezas all of which running anti-lag, and dam it sounds great even if its bad for the engine:thumbs: . any one running it on their s15 id love to hear a sound clip or vid, hows well does the s15 take to anti-lag??