1. S

    Hello from Perth Western Australia

    Hello all ! I just picked up a 2002 S15 Spec R GT, I must say its nice to be driving an sr20DET again, ( I had one in my old n14 pulsar that I did a turbo conversion to ) the car is pretty much stock , 3 inch turbo back exhaust, springs and shocks and a head unit and thats about it...
  2. Yakozan

    Uggliest car in the world.

    What car do you think is the uggliest out there. Here is my contribution. This has to be the uggliest car in existance. I present to you, the Fiat Multipla :hurl: Was it better in the good old days? NOPE!!
  3. S

    I'm FINALLY 18!

    Well guys.. I just turned 18! soo cheers! i got to go out and get realy drunk! :hurl:
  4. S

    Sydney Weather

    damn today, 42deg in west sydney suburbs and 39deg in where i live, I was dead when I walk home from uni :hurl: was going to do some shipping today, I CANT BE BOTHER DRIVING :rant:
  5. sushiming

    Anyone thought of going to the 2007 tokyo Auto Salon

    have any of u guys thought of going?? Cuz I have decided I will be going in jan 2007 as its too soon for the 2006 i think it would be the greatest car show i will ever go to makes max power look totally :hurl: