1. S

    FS: Tanabe Hyper Super Medalion

    Item for sale: Cat-back Tanabe Hyper Super Medalion w/ Backbox delete. Description: Now discontinued, comes with Jasma certificate, fitting instructions and sticker. Reason for sale: I now have a Tomei exhaust installed. Price: £430 Thanks, Matt
  2. V

    FS: VarrsToen UK!

    VarrsToen Wheels UK WWW.VARRSTOEN-WHEELS.CO.UK EMAIL FOR BEST PRICING: Info@VarrsToen-Wheels.co.uk Call: (01404) 891 888 VarrsToen 15" 17" 18" and 19" ES 2.2.x Wheels: Standard Matte Black / Full Polish Finish / Hyper Black: ES 2.2.0 * 4x114.3 | Hub bore: 73.1 | Non-Staggered |...
  3. J

    flywheel or bell housing problem!!!

    hi, my cars in the garage at the moment getting the clutch changed. because it had a exedy hyper twin plate i had to buy a flywheel to use with the new clutch. everyone was going well got all the parts, tried to get it all sorted today and when its all back together there 15mm gap, which...
  4. sushiming

    FS: Hyper Rev Silvia books 68, 85. 102

    Hyper Rev Silvia books 68, 85. 102 £15 each i will post these postage £4 each taster of what these books are
  5. DeanS15

    exedy hyper single paddle clutch and flywheel

    hi guys, does anyone have the above fitted to thier s15? reason i ask is i have just bought one for quite a good price and it is due to be fitted soon - gary from apt says it is quiet, not awfully heavy - but heavy and is quite user friendly for a paddle - does anyone have any more info that may...
  6. LuPix_S15

    Hyper Rev

    Just been looking through some bits and bobs on Japan Parts. Came across the section selling Hyper Rev magazines. I did try to source these from Hyper Rev USA a few months back but they were awkward about how to make payments from outside of the US - didn't have an online CC system?! I've...