1. R

    WTB: Nismo fuel cap cover

    Not picky on which cover, as long as it fits. :) I was a idiot and left mine at the fuel station :cry:
  2. adz87kc

    Removing rear wiper

    Hey guys, i want to remove the rear wiper for a few reasons: 1: I never use it 2: the wiper blade i have is at the end of its days 3: it looks wank :nod: So is there a particular knack to do this job or can anyone point me toward an idiot proof guide/how do? Also, is this the best solution to...
  3. G

    New Find In My Car

    After 2 years I discovered this hidden under my passenger footwell carpet. Any idea what this is as I'm an ICE idiot...:p
  4. P

    how do i paste photo's

    I confused, and a bit of an idiot. i can't paste or attach photo of my car how do i do it???