1. S

    new coilovers front brake line bracket doesnt line up??

    Hi guys, fitted new coilovers to my car at the weekend but after installing the fronts the bracket that holds the brake line doesn't line up at all. the stock struts on my car had said bracket welded on below the abs line bracket much like the image in this thread: Fitting front coilovers to...
  2. sniffy

    WTB: S15 Bumper support bars

    Hi I was looking for the following 2 items in the image below if anyone has them for sale.
  3. M

    what does this do ? do yours have it ?

    hello, i just got a s15 and it has this button on the side of the steering wheel that i would like to know what it is and what it does. when i flip it the light turns on and i have to flip it again for it to turn of. (sorry if this is the wrong section) sorry for the bad quality image :
  4. Draco87

    S15 from Italy!

    Hi Guys! Italy have a new s15 spec r :-) Uhmmm can anyone tell me how can i paste an image in this thread from my pc? You know... just to show my baby :-)
  5. Nicely

    Google Malware Warning

    Some of you may have been shown a Google malware warning when accessing the site today. This was due to a remote image in an old post (ironically one of mine :p ) linking to a site (now) recognized as being a source of malware, NOT the forum containing malware. This image has now been removed...
  6. T

    FS: S15 headlights (silver housing)

    I just purchased some black housing lights since i prefer those. Hence these silver ones from my L-Package s15 are up for sale. Price: 350,- Missing the sockets for the highbeams Still has the standard light image and has not been converted for right lane driving.
  7. JaseYpk

    FS: HKS air filter

    HKS "Super Power Flow Reloaded" (the big green mushroom one!) Sorry no pics, but it is what it is, its got no holes or anything in it so dont worry. works fine :) This is just the air filter for sale. no pipes or clips! Google image - Retails at around £160 for a new one Yours for £40...
  8. Feast Japan

    FS: Dead Stock *IC, Gauges, Susp.

    Guys, a bunch of dead stock and offering it very cheap. If your interested in anything, please act fast. We have listed these items on a bunch of sites + newsletters. -#1- Blitz - MD Model Boost gauge - Carbon Backing With Red, White or Blue Dials. This is a mechanical type gauge with no...