1. sibbers

    Speedo dials... anyone know how to make them?

    I'm totally used to driving around using kph now, in fact it makes way more sense to me than mph which is something I'd never expected... I can completely imagine how far a few km's are whereas after all this time of driving I still can't properly imagine how far miles are. Trouble is we are...
  2. D

    WTB: OEM wind deflectors

    Anyone know where I can get these in europe? Japan and USA have high shipping costs which I rather not have aa you could imagine. I have asked the Nissan dealer in The Netherlands but they can't find the part number and can't get their hands on them. Are they available in the UK at the dealers?
  3. Mezza

    Rear Disks

    Out of interest are S14 rear disks the same as S15? I'd imagine not but wondered just incase! Thanks :D
  4. Silverstreak

    Tachometer not working properly??

    Help needed for this one, strange problem, when my car is idling, the tachometer bounces slowly between 500rpm and 900rpm.. On full chat the needle rises slowly to just above 2000rpm. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Or fixed it?? As you can imagine this is quite irritating and driving by...
  5. M

    Hi newbie from east sussex

    Hi everyone, been on here a while and just floating around done some research and reading up. Never thought id manage to get an s15 this quick but im picking this up on wednesday I imagine...
  6. Mark_D

    Meet: JAP MEET @ Bluewater Essex (Sat 2 Apr)

    Not much response to this one last time lads!! This is an epic meet, hundreds of cars turn up from S15's to Civics to R35 GTR's etc etc Starts at 9:00pm on Saturday 2nd April Convoy from Thurrock services carpark leaving at about 8:30 as well I would imagine (same as last time!)...
  7. T


    Good Morning Gents, and any laayydeeze that may be amoung us? I've just sold my Elise, and have a hankering for something Jap and RWD again. I have had my heart set on an RX7 for a month or 2 now, but finding it hard to find one that meets my needs, so thought I would see what the S15 is...
  8. D

    Evilchap's Spec R Aero

    Lookin good cant wait too see the RB26 in! Can imagine it with the blue rocker cover too would look hot!
  9. A

    engine heat into the cabin

    Hi, I recently swap my sr20de to an s14 sr20det engine. But I have a problem, all the heat from the engine bay get inside the cabin. Is summer here in Peru, and you can imagine its annoying to drive in that condition. Please I need some ideas to solve this problem. Thanks!
  10. G

    Fire out from the exhaust

    Hi all. I have seen in drift cars, GT cars & rally cars flashes of fire escape out from the rear muffler especially during close throttle. I'd imagine only oversized injectors will cause rich fuel to overflow out through the turbine burning everything along the way. I cant imagine how the turbo...
  11. Nicely

    Took four months and four attempts but...

    I FINALLY got my oil filter relocation kit on today! Problems with the thread and length of the central nozzle on the block adapter meant it had to be re-threaded and shortened. Fitment was attempted between each modification :rolleyes: So, as you can imagine, I'm relieved to finally get the...