1. Nickichi

    FS: Blue S15 Spec R SR20DET

    Blue S15 Spec R SR20DET (SOLD) SOLD
  2. B

    Spec S project

    This is my first project thread. Had a fair few Japanese cars over the years and although I've loved them they were always modified when I bought them. So I've finally bought a standard car which I plan to build up from scratch. I imported this in Feb a standard spec S (apart from uprated...
  3. C

    FS: Imported S15 S-Type

    Imported Nissan S15 S-Type 162KM Rare US Racing Sports Bodykit NISMO Exhaust Kode Steering Wheel Japspeed Coilovers 18" Team Dynamics Jade-R Wheels Carbon Fibre Wing Uprated Paddle Clutch Induction Kit JVC Double Din head unit with Bluetooth Plasti-dipped in Tein Green, Original body colour Red...
  4. B

    New to Silvias!

    Evening guys! I've recently deflected from Honda (I know, I know :P) with my Honda Civic Type R FN2. In replacement is a recently imported S15 (as I'm sure you guessed). I bought it for a pretty decent price considering it's condition! It was imported a year ago this month and had one Japanese...
  5. Lanyard

    Newly Imported Car - Service Checks

    Hey guys, I wanted to start a small post with details about what is recommended to be done to a newly imported car. I'll keep updating this as more suggestions and details come in - my s15 is due to arrive around June 15th so I'll try record the process for anyone that needs it (it's not on...
  6. matt1966

    hello, just imported a spec s aero luvlly jubbly

    hi guys , just imported my first silvia spec s aero.....2001, 48.000miles,original. failed its MOT on a wiper blade !!!! plus the standard fog light.....omg what a machine..
  7. Sims77

    Tyre recommendations

    I've had a look but I can't see any thread about them. What do you guys recommend? I've got Federal 595 Evo on mine at the minute but they're terrible! The were imported with the car and in the wet they're dangerous.
  8. vinnie

    FS: Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Tiptronic 1998

    Well ive not been here for awhile as I did sell my S15 :( I got a DC5 for abit but then changed up for an R34 GTT. My heart was still hurting and so now I want an S15 :p Car was imported by Torque GT. The car was classed as a Grade 4 inside and outside. So its has been under sealed by them...
  9. Yellow Peril

    FS: Carbon Exhaust Heat Shield for S15 OEM Bumper

    Brand New More Carbon for your car - Sticks on or can be riveted Imported from OZ, but I have seen a few in the UK £45
  10. M

    is it possible to registered or import the nissan s15

    hi s15 fans iam wondering why cant the s15 be able to register in the united states? can it be imported? i heard a lot of people saying it can be imported only as a track car but not daily street driven :cry: thats the sad part but anyways if the s15 can be legally imported or registered any...
  11. Carta

    New Owner from West Midlands

    Hey guys, just introducing myself and my new purchase. I used to drive an imported 180sx and now I am now the owner of an S15. So, Hi :) Dan
  12. W

    all members in the USA raise your hands!

    lets get a thread going about the folks in the USA that have S15's post up a pic of your ride your build sheet and any problems you hve run into since you have had the car. i would start, BUT i'm in Japan LOL. im trying to find a loop hole to get mine home once again.. (by once again, i mean...
  13. N

    New user from australia

    Hey guys new on here though i would say hi, have a 99 JDM s15 we just imported from japan. specs and pics in members ride area Thanks
  14. craig_m

    hi from Dorset, UK

    hi i am craig :wave: , i dont currently have a s15 yet :( just saving hard for one, then once i have the money i will have to try and find one that i want as most are treated badly by boy racers ect. may have to get one imported but had a bad experance with my last car i imported (starting to...
  15. I

    mpg figures from SPEC S and SPEC R

    Random gay question but, my mr2 is a killer averaging about 17-18mpg. Just wondering what you guys get from a standard non tuned engine. My next question is if I imported a Spec R how much should I expect to pay for a 99, 60ish K on clock car.