1. Surfing Boris

    FS: Lightning yellow Spec R Aero

    FOR SALE: NISSAN S15 SPEC R, £11, 800 ono Factory Aero kit in Nissan Lightning Yellow (only 1.97% of all S15s ever produced were painted yellow from the factory) Tomei 3 inch turbo elbow APW Engineering 3 inch down pipe with flexi 3 inch de-cat pipe 3 inch cat back exhaust, unknown brand...
  2. K

    WTB: 3 inch exhaust wanted

    Any body a nice 3 inch exhaust hks or kakimoto from cat back
  3. Surfing Boris

    WTB: Any old 17 inch alloys for drifting.

    I am looking for a pair of 17 inch alloys to put on purely for drifting on. Can be as rough as a badgers arse as long as they can hold tyres on the rim. As cheap as possible if not free to a good home!!!!
  4. gaz15

    WTB: 3 inch down pipe

    As in the title, looking for a 3 inch down pipe
  5. D

    FS: s15 Mongoose cat back exhaust

    Hi, For sale i have my mongoose cat back exhaust from an s15. This was on the car when it was bought and was changed straight away to a HKS exhaust. This was then stored away. The exhaust is in great condition with no dents or damage at all. There are a few scratches as you would expect but...
  6. J

    clutch pedal adjustment

    Hi lads I fitted a new clutch and now it engages as soon as you depress it my foot only off the floor . Then at the top of the pedal there is a about a inch and a half of play. Does anyone know how to adjust the pedal out a bit. Cheers
  7. S

    FS: Brand new toyo proxes T1R and T1 Sport tyres

    Hi I had just bought 4 Toyos to put on my 17 inch wheel the other day but then decided to buy some 18 inch XD9's instead so I have bought new tyres again, I am selling the new 17 inch tyres that I have just bought and have never used or even put on my wheels. the tyres are 2x Toyo Proxes T1R 225...
  8. T

    Tetsuyagarage S15 build thread

    here is a chronological look at my build so far... i am using my blogspot name hence the tag in the pics night i got her model 5s 18x9+40 with 15mm spacer 18x10+45 with a 30mm spacer lowered it about an inch more and i got my hands on the wing i always...
  9. J0R04N

    FS: AVS Model 5 Alloy Wheels

    Found a set of 18 inch that took my fancy so these are up for grabs. The AVS Model 5 Alloys. 17 inch et 114.3 with a 35 offset. Fit my S15 perfectly. Only just refurbed and with new Falken Ziex 912 all round. After £600 no offers please.
  10. Sideways Simon....

    My s15 spec R....

    As some may know , i sold my beloved s14a last sat, picked up this s15 yesterday! Firstly, the c west front bumper will be coming off soon as i got the standard front and back bumper with the car, Secondly, its only on nismo s tune suspension yet, so ride height is :ghey: So..... Its a 99 silvia...
  11. M

    FS: Pink silicone hose bits, brand new, not used

    metallic pink finished silicone hose to freshen up my old grubby mixed n matched stuff on my rx7 to cut things short...I ****ed up...i ordered these 2 bits in a hurry and thinking i was correct asked for 3 inch ( 76mm ) and when i got the bonnet open to fit, realised i infact was a twat and...
  12. S

    How to get genuine part number?

    I'm after following and I need to know to order from perfectrun or elsewhere if there is one at better price... 1 off Genuine OEM Nissan Intake Manifold Gasket S14 S15 SR20DET 2 off Nissan OEM SR20DET Multi-Layer Exhaust Manifold Gasket S13 S14 S15 2 off 3 Inch (80mm) 2 Bolt Exhaust Gasket 1...
  13. P


    10 inch man whore dildos here
  14. B

    exhaust bolt sizes.

    as title says. im looking to fit my decat pipe on monday but i need the nuts bolts and washers etc for it. would i be right in saying id need m10 bolts about 2 inch long?
  15. P

    my new wheels may be

    right need help as the money is burning a hole in my pocket. the wheel i like are kato sukumo's 7 X 17 inch one as i drive a spec s and what to maintane the comfort for every day driving. whats the coorect offset as don't want them to stick out side archs but i don't want them to foul the...