1. S

    ID on these side mirrors?

    anyone know what these side mirrors are with the indicators? Pictured below
  2. C

    what boss's are you running?

    hello, iv just fitted the sparco wheel and momo boss that came with my car but the boss doesn't cancel indicators, do horn or cancel out the airbag light. what boss's are people running that do this? thanks.
  3. L

    Car starts, but nothing works

    Got into my spec s this evening to drive home from work, it's started fine, but nothing is working, no clocks, no wipers, no heater, no windows, no indicators, but I was able to drive home. anyone ever heard of this problem before, or know what it could be, thanks in advance
  4. M

    indicator fuse blowing

    as in the title. i put a 20amp fuse in it just to see whether one of the blubs had blown but none of them have but the right hand side indicators are dimmer than the left hand side. any ideas?
  5. xlr8

    Xlr8's s15 silvia

    said id throw up a few pic's of the silvia.getting a few small bits done to it,so ill put up more when i get a chance. *GP Sports G Four Body Kit (with door to skirt panels included) *D-max rear lip spoiler *Origin rear lights *17" Volk Racing GT - N Split Rims *t288 turbo braided oil...
  6. hoodooyoudo

    Electrical issues - any ideas?

    I've blown six fuses in the last couple of weeks, from stereo to indicators off alarm, to one side of indicators regardless of alarm, to all indicators + hazards, and a couple of others. Slightly undercharged battery, now recharged. Took it to an auto-sparky, got charged $160 for a bunch of...
  7. D

    Change side indicators?

    Hi everyone! I have a question. How do you change the side indicators? What do you need too remove and soo on? //Daniel
  8. mint

    Indicators Stopped indicating...

    :annoyed: yup lol hapened twice now my Indicators / Hazards have just refused to work :down: Turned the car off back on, flash lights a bit and bingo working... Anyone with any ideas!
  9. A

    No locking double flash?

    Hey people, I installed a new headunit over the weekend and I just notice today that when I lock the car, it still beeps twice for the alarm but doesn't flash the indicators twice like it used to. Same goes for unlocking, one beep, but no single flash. What could cause this and how do I fix...
  10. K

    Are the indicators on the left stalk on S15s?

    They are on the car i'm buying. Is this correct?
  11. Nicely

    Keep your indicators clean...

    Was changing over the front indicators on the Hilux the other evening. Look what I found inside.... :D Particularly like the way its orange.... :p :D