1. T

    Ings+1 Body kit

    Just wondering does anybody know how rare these kits are I've been researching them as discovering I have one due to all the ings stamps on my kit..never saw another one judging on pics somebody from japan try to copy the ings demo car as I also have the big carbon ings drift wing Thanks
  2. Nicely

    Apex Performance quality straight-fit bodykit (Ings) GB

    Take a look :)
  3. P

    Hi All!! Newbie reported!

    Have registered in the Forum for quite sometime but haven't posted any messeges. I'm another S15 owner from Malaysia. I'm driving JDM Spec-S 2001 with INGS Kit. Been reading a lot of useful info here. It's really a great site!! cheers for the moderators!
  4. sushiming

    some useful links

    Here are some good link i've pulled out of Hyper Rev which i brought lately will post some more once ive looks through them hope they are some use to u guys Dmax ings Trial sequential Wise Square Car Gallery