1. H

    gauge mount inspiration

    i have a few gauges that I'm going to need to mount, namely AVCR, SAFC and a wideband 52mm gauge, looking for inspiration for where to mount them, anyone got any pics?
  2. M

    Yellow 15 engine bays! need ideas!

    go! give me some inspiration :D
  3. s15Irl

    *picture request* nismo lms

    Looking for pictures of s15s particularly blue ones with a set of nismo lm gt2.. Got my hands on a set of these needing a refurb. Looking for colour inspiration, thinking along the lines of grafite or gun metal! Thanks :thumbs:
  4. Fruitbooter

    Show me your...

    No! Not've got a dirty mind! :no: Interior! I found a thread with a few piks in but it would be nice to see some updated photos. I was looking for inspiration on where to put gauges in the future etc..also just swapped my double din for a single so was looking for ideas for the...
  5. Surfing Boris

    Pic request please

    Hi Guys, As I said in my introduce yourself section I am really keen on buying an S15, I have picked the wheels, the kit, the cf wing, I want a cf bonnet and a cf boot if there is one out there?? I love the look of the D1 cars in all the bright colours and liveries but wondering if anything...