1. Lanyard

    HOW TO: Install HKB Steering Boss and Nardi Steering Wheel

    So I've seen a couple of threads on how to install after market steering wheels, but usually with cheap ebay bosses. Here's is one with the good stuff :thumbs: Stuff you'll need: Steering wheel of choice Steering boss 30 mins free time Tools: 10 mm socket 19 mm socket Ratchet T30 security...
  2. J

    Turbo System

    Trying to find the cheapest/good quality parts I can for: Braided Turbo Lines Garrett gt2871r High flow manifold 3 inch Down pipe Decat Pipe Preferably all bolt together for easy self installation as I don't have access to a welder. Has anyone shopped around for this before and found any...
  3. lvaleiron

    Walbro installation kit

    Guys, i've been trying to search for this but no luck... what installation kit you use with the walbro??? so far there are 2 kits that people in other forums have recommend me, one is 400-766 and the other is 400-865 :confused:, can you guys shed me some light here??? :annoyed:
  4. B

    FS: Datsun flag banner poster

    I am selling for $19 shipped this DATSUN FLAG. It measures 40" x 20" inches and comes with 2 brass grommets for easy installation on your flag pole or anywhere you want Feel free to mail me at:
  5. D

    problem with Cs installation

    I hate too say this but I have comed too total stopp with my Cs installation. I did come soo far that I could remove the shift. But when I should remove the seal it won´t come of. It´s this seal. How do I remove it?
  6. S

    Power FC Djetro Question's

    Is there a english install manual on the net? Cant seem to understand japanese:annoyed: I think i understand the pictures, but im not 100% sure about the installation. Someone has djetro installed who could tell me a littlebit?
  7. N

    12 point roll cage installation

    In preparation for the installation of the cage, the itnerior has been stripped. If you ever wonder what your car would look like sans interior trim here it is. Will post more as the project progresses.
  8. A

    Anyone here know how to Install APEX METER?

    Hi guys, Just got some apex meter like boost, oil tem, and water temp and i was wondering if anyone here can help me out in this installation.. any pics or tips u guys can share? Cheers Mate :)
  9. H

    Boost controller installation guide

    Hi all.. I looked in the usefull threads.. but I couldn`t find a boost controller installation guide? Is there one? There seems to be a some sorts of solenoid between the actuator and the hotpipe vacuum connection. If anyone has a idea also where to place the Blitz solenoid.. please do tell...
  10. S

    What do you have in your centre console?

    I'm wondering what we can fit in the centre console (specifically, after a head deck installation), anyone care to post pics of S15 centre consoles?
  11. Yakozan

    Some pics from the garage

    Still can't take decent photos with this camera. Must be broken :D Well here are some more pics of my FMIC installation :)