1. C

    Interior trim colour

    Does anyone know what the paint code is for the grey interior plastics or even something very close too it?
  2. M

    Interior Lights & Chimes Issue

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this issue i'm currently having. The interior lights and warning chimes in my car are playing up on my car and i want to try and fix them. The warning chime (when door is open & lights are on) is very faint and sounds weak and is...
  3. mixvariety

    WTB: Lots of interior bits

    Hey guys, The interior on my new 15 is pretty tired looking in places and I want to sort it out, so I'm after the following; - Centre console and gear shift/stereo surround - Door cards - Mats - Drivers seat As per my other post, I'm also looking for a rear quarter drivers side window. Let...
  4. Johnny

    WTB: Interior dash lower trim panel + glove box

    Wanted Interior dash lower panel with glove box Lower dash under steering wheel
  5. A

    WTB: A few parts wanted. Please help!

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for the following parts for my car, I hope someone out there can help!: Parcel shelf Boot trim Rear wiper + motor Interior carpet Front seats Front wings Spec R diff Steering wheel Aero skirts Thank you.
  6. jake

    WTB: S15 shell

    Hey guys I'm after an s15 rolling shell for one of my friends who want to put and rb in to it Would like it to have glass and interior If people could get back to me ASAP thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Chriscooke

    WTB: Wanted. S15 sun visors and interior lights.

    As title. I'm after both sun visors in black and both interior lights for non rape money if possible :)
  8. L

    Interior Trim OEM colour codes??

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what the paint code is for the gunmetal on the interior door handles, stock gear knob and inserts in the steering wheel? (I know the gaiter surround is rover steel grey) I'm going to match the window switch surrounds and a few other bits, tried before but the colour...
  9. Parky

    FS: S15 metal wings, spoiler, interior parts, triple gauge pod, other parts, do a look.

    S15 metal wings, spoiler, interior parts, triple gauge pod, other parts, do a... For sale, located in deepest darkest Cornwall, prices include postage excluding the larger bits which I'd prefer collected, I will post them for extra within the UK. Paypal accepted, will split fees 50/50 as I...
  10. K

    WTB: s15/14 handbrake plastic cover

    Hi, I'm looking for a s15 handbrake plastic cover as mine has tore in two... Cheers kev
  11. Havoc

    FS: Spec R interior.

    Right guaging interest. I have preety much all the interior for sale from my Spec R except the dashboard and front seats. So this includes: Door Cards SOLD Rear Bench seats SOLD [/B]Rear Plastics £40 Roof Lining, visors & lights £60 Carpet. £30 Boot Plastics and carpets £50 If anyone is...
  12. M

    WTB: Interior and engine bay parts needed!

    Hi Guys, I'm after some interior parts : Interior : - A-pillar complete except the boost gauge. - Door card parts for both sides see picture : Engine Bay : - SR20DE RWD S15 Rockercover - S15 Cooling panel Carbon or Fiberglass - S15 SR20DE Airfilter Cover Top part : Send me a PM if you...
  13. fez06

    s14 silvia interior light fuse keeps blowing

    i know its an s14 but someone may have a clue whats happening. iv just bought an s14 silvia and noticed the interior lights didnt work, also noticed lots of blown 10amp fuses around the car. iv checked the fuse and its blown tried another and that blew straight away. iv visually checked the...
  14. Carta

    Interior Dome Light

    Morning guys, just a quick one. My interior dome light (and other interior lights) do not come on when the door is opened (but come on if manually switched one) also the car doesnt beep when the engine is off and the lights are on and I open the door. Any ideas where to start to look to...
  15. J

    My si180 Track Build

    So I bought this si180 on the weekend for a cheap price (Not gonna say) and I have a few plans with it The body work is no were near perfect as the front bumper is held together by cable ties. But now the fun part of putting her back together. First night I stripped out the interior and...
  16. B

    cream leather interior info

    hey guys been looking at buying new interior for my s15 and found a dude selling cream leather full interior, front seats, rear seats, door cards and parcel shelf. but I'm a little confused the research iv done doesn't seem to show that the rear seats where ever leather ? so I'm just wondering...
  17. Havoc

    S15 interior value??

    Alright guys, quick question.. Couple of people have asked me to sell my S15 Interior to them to upgrade there s14's but im not sure on what it would value at and if its worth selling? Bascially what I would be selling would be the rear bench and all the plastics for the back and the boot and...
  18. N

    WTB: Interior parts

    Hello! I´m interested in a complete trunk interior and also the complete centre console and gear cover/boot, all the way back next to the seats. I also need the cover for the passenger inner door closing handle, and the front cover for stock boost gauge. Please reply if you have any of these...
  19. JDM_virgin

    FS: Peugeot 206 gti 02 reg met grey

    This will also be going up on ebay in a few days time so i have just copied and pasted this from ebay advert. i cant imagine i will get much joy on here but you never know lol. someone somewhere may know someone looking for a car like this. best way of contact is by phone (listed below) or email...
  20. S

    FS: Bumpers for sale and free interior

    As title got a few bumpers for sale and some free interior. bumper one is a stock s15 rear bumper, has got some scratches from storage so is in no way mint, but no real dents etc price £20 bumper number two is a aftermarket fibreglass front bumper, I bought off here as a spare but is no...