1. JDM_virgin

    how much power can an SR20 block handle

    Exactly the question above however i dont mean on stock internals. My question that I cannot find the answer is how far can you push the block casting itself when you have fully forged internals, head bolts and all that stuff. For example the new focus RS the blocks start to crack at around...
  2. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    1.4 bar too much?

    Ok so I just figured out how to use my electronic boost controller on my new s15. And it has 4 different boost settings the highest setting being 1.4 bar which by guessing is about 17psi? it has fully stock internals just wondering is this too much is something gonna go bang. I very rarely have...
  3. T

    s14 - s15 Heads

    Is there any difference between these, and or the internals in them? Many thanks one and all!
  4. T

    WTB: After a cat as the mot coming up soon

    As per the title after a catalitic converter to fit s15 of course with the internals intact. Alan
  5. koullis

    e manage ultimate map

    hey guys, does anybody have a modified base map for s15 sr20de? i am going turbo and changing internals and i can't tune it on a dyno before i brake in the engine. what shall i do?
  6. slammedmind

    Most power from stock internals

    Just wondering whats the most power the sr20 engine from the s15 can produce on standard internals?