1. Cris69

    FS: 18inch wheels for sale

    selling these's as i have new ones now :) they are 18x7 im not 100% sure if they are 7 or 7.5 but will find out after christmas now 5x114.3 4 x tyres with 7mm tred (budget) but never had a problem wet or snow!! if anyone is intrested ill get them more info asap!! they are all good condition...
  2. K

    WTB: s15 hotpipe

    I need a s15 fmic hotpipe... if someone has a spare... please help me on this one. if not i am intrested in a whole set as well. greetings
  3. 2

    where from

    i currently have tinted rear light clusters but a liking the look of 50/50 clear reds. where can i get a set or would any one be intrested in a swap?
  4. D

    FS: spoilered bootlid swap

    Hi have a white spoilered bootlid and was going to despoiler it but if anybody is intrested in doin a swap i would be happy to do so.. :)
  5. R

    FS: I i have a set of yashio factory, sonor tail lights for sale

    like the title says i orderd a set of tail lights and while waiting for them the arrive i wrote off my silvia:(. the light cost me 350 including a 6 week wait for them to get here. i'm looking for 300e if anyone is intrested in them. i only opened the box so i could take pix of them they have...
  6. sushiming

    jointed alignment arm set/ C Collars

    hey guys ive just been speaking to dazz0i about geting the arm set and was thinking is there anyone else wanting to get one as i thought it might be worth talking to apex about geting a group buy for us I myself am intrested inthe C Collars aswell anything else ppl intrested in?? The Alignment...
  7. sushiming

    Right guys something u might be intrested in...

    I brought a Chav mag this week as my mate skyline was in it and found a very good add and found these u guys might be intrested....i might contact them and see if we can get any discount of some kind... VIVID gauges I think they do them in white aswell... is has the silvia logo on it hummm...