1. V

    Hi From Ireland

    Hey, My Name is Dave. I'm 21 years old and im from Dublin, Ireland! I bought my first S-body last year (ca 200sx s13) and have been hooked ever since! A few months ago i bought a 1999 S15 spec S. Due in the crippling insurance rates in Ireland i haven't quite got it on the road yet. I've the...
  2. B

    Newbie Ireland

    Hi all, newbie from Ireland here! Currently bidding on S15's in Japan while hoping the missus doesn't find out!:D Have a few jap classics in my collection such as Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, Subaru Impreza V4 STI and currently hoping to add an S15!
  3. S15Cro

    WTB: OEM Hotpipe and Bov

    As per title, looking for the standard hotpipe and bov with all the hardware if possible. Will need to be posted to Cork, Ireland. Cheers
  4. D

    Newbie from Ireland

    Hi guys, Newbie from Galway, Ireland. I'm currently in the market for an s15 spec r preferably in pewter grey or white. If anyone is selling in Ireland please pm or email me. I look forward to learning more about these cars and more than likely be asking a lot of questions :) David
  5. simon

    WTB: S15 Spec R - Black - Ireland

    How's it going, I'm looking for a black S15 in Southern Ireland. Budget up to 9k, cash waiting... 087 9450661
  6. dudley97

    My s15 Northern Ireland

  7. D

    Newbie from ireland

    How's everyone getting on. Danny here from cork in the south of Ireland for ye who have not heard of it. Currantly have a altezza. Now that I've finished collage and have few euros put away I  Have been playing around with the idea of getting a nice weekend car, was looking into jab ae86, 180sx...
  8. E

    WTB: 9k euro too spend on a s15

    hi im from Ireland and looking too but an s15 have 9000 euro to spend so let me know what you have thanks:)
  9. A

    WTB: Wanted: Standerd S15 front bumper, (Located in Ireland)

    Hi looking for a standerd s15 bumper im located in Ireland so must be willing to post or can collect anywhere in ireland. Thanks.
  10. Sparky

    Road trip to Ireland

    I shall be taking a few days holiday in Ireland from tomorrow, Sat 25th. Am travelling across country to just past Galway for a couple of days, then down to Cork. I am aware there are other members in Ireland so shall be keeping an eye out for other S15's whilst there. I will be in my black Spec...
  11. C

    Newbie from Ireland

    Hello all bought my first s15 spec r a few weeks back il have pictures in the next day or two
  12. S

    FS: Facelifted EK9 Civic Type R

    I'm thinking about letting my Championship White '97 EK9 go in pursuit of something RWD again. Specifically an S15 Spec S, so if your interested in some sort of deal please get in touch. I picked it up from Ireland last year. While registering it I undersealed it and had an accident with a...
  13. Lloyd_SR20

    New Irish S15 spec s owner.

    Hi all. sold my 03 subaru impreza 1.6 AWD the weekend then bought my first S15 spec s the next day and im loving every second of driving it :D wanted to buy a 02 one that was as much standard as i could find. this one was pretty much as standard as you will find in ireland with only wheels...
  14. L

    NA s15 from northern ireland, hi :)

    recently purchased my first s15, and thought id come on here and say hi, so, hi
  15. A

    Newbie From Ireland

    How's it going,just joined here! From Donegal in Ireland and i'm trying to buy a nice s15 at the minute,so having a nosey through here to find out more about them :)
  16. N

    Hello from cork in Ireland

    Well guys my names Brian and here is my 3rd S15:
  17. D

    FS: S15 silvia sr20 det

    Here we have my beautiful S15, It started life as a spec s and I have had it converted to spec r spec by a reputable mechanic here in Ireland. The car has been heavily modified it just off the top of my head it has SR20DET Engine from earlier version silvia 5 speed box adjustable actuator...
  18. M

    Registering my S15 in the uk

    Hey Guys, Just after a bit of advice, my car is from Ireland (Southern) and i have been trying to find out what i need to get it registered in the uk? I have already applied for the Import pack from the DVLA (taking its sweet ass time to arrive!), and since the car is over 10 years old and was...
  19. M

    hello from northern ireland

    hi new on here thanks
  20. S

    WTB: Splitfires and exhaust wanted

    Anyone have a set of Splitfire coilpacks for S15 for sale for decent money? Would need delivered to Ireland. Also, interested in a branded S15 cat back exhaust that's not too loud, no S14 systems. Thanks.