1. S

    Misfire and unknown electrical issue

    Hi all, My Silvia has recently developed a strange problem. It misfires and runs on 2/3 cylinders all the time its running, except when the key is turned to the off position or removed, it will then run normally for about 3 or 4 seconds before dying. I have checked that im getting spark on...
  2. JDM_virgin

    EBC yellow pads. confused@fcuk

    EBC website says that product code for s14/s15/r33/r34 sumitomo calipers is DP41200R however this shop: EBC YELLOWSTUFF FRONT PADS DP4775R FOR NISSAN SILVIA (S15) 2 99-2002 | eBay has these for sale- DP4775R and claims they are for an s15 fitment and the EBC site says they are for a 99 nissan...
  3. C

    WTB: White Spec R

    Hi guys, as above, white Spec R wanted, milage not a great issue, just clean and rust free. Jay
  4. Keifer1903

    WTB: S15 passenger door and side skirt

    After the above in good condition after someone scraped up side of me. Colour isn't a issue as will be painted anyway.
  5. S15AK

    Factory HID Ballast replacement?

    Looks like my nearside ballast is on its way out, so has anyone replaced with OEM before? Not sure where I'd get one from, and probably cost a lot.. Anyone had the same issue before? Cheers
  6. D

    Aerial connection

    I have a slight issue installing my new stereo that I need a little help with. The aerial plug on the car is a two pronged connector which I don't seem to be able to find an adapter for. Has anyone else had this issue and how did they solve it? The car came with a factory nav unit and minidisc...
  7. A

    JDM S15 Aircon Issue - Ventilators and Footwell

    Hi guys, Up until recently my aircon was working fine - with the exception of the clicking noise coming from the bi-level door motor. Now the only mode that works is 'Defrost'. Nothing comes out from the footwell or front vents regardless of which other modes are selected. The compressor...
  8. C

    S15 and S14 Caliper Swap

    Hi All, I cannot seem to find a definitive answer on this, but are the calipers the same on the S15 and S14's. In other words could they be changed between the two cars without issue. Thanks in advance,
  9. W

    subframe misalignment

    Has anybody ever fixed this issue? Does changing subframe bushes work?
  10. Jay-pan

    R32 GTR whos owned one?

    I know its silly just got my S15 and spent a fortune on a brand new rebuilt unit and nismo clutch but so tempted by an R32. just want to see whos had one or drove one will be a weekend toy and owned a few evos so running cost is not a massive issue but more concerned with the age/reliability...
  11. TrevorSpencer

    Anyone had troubles with factory headlights?

    First and foremost, I'm new here, and stumbled upon the forum while searching for an answer to my huge issue. I thought maybe a group of s15 owners like yourselves could help a guy like me. Back to the task at hand. Reason I ask is because I just bought my s15 spec r aero from Saskatchewan...
  12. Nissan_S15

    Help and advise needed by you guys!!!

    Hey guys, As some of you may be aware, a while back I purchased a Tomei expreme ti exhaust system for my Spec S, I purchased the S14 version for the extra length and spent around £1000 on it. Now 5 months later the exhaust developed a crack in the centre pipe at the muffler end. I firstly...
  13. S

    My S15 in Japanese Performance Magazine

    Just thought I'd share, my s15 has had a full feature and will be in Japanese Performance Magazine next month (out the 13th of feb) was plenty surprised to get this months issue today and find a massive picture of my car taking up almost a full A4 page advertising next months issue: Just...
  14. Havoc

    Brake/tail: 7443 (21W/5W) ISSUES!!!

    Hi Guys, Right this has been f****** me off for quite a while now so wanted know if anyone of you guys had this issue or a resolve for it? So.. I have a never ending issue with my brake light bulbs ever since I replaced the factory bulbs. Basically where the car is more rigid and all drifty...
  15. Carta

    S15 not starting

    Hey guys, got a strange issue. If you didnt know my ecu was cut out at the docks, well its all been sorted now and the car is working, but I am having a strange issue. If I dont disconnect the battery after I get out of the car, it wont start. The starter motor cranks the car but it wont...
  16. Silverstreak

    Tachometer not working properly??

    Help needed for this one, strange problem, when my car is idling, the tachometer bounces slowly between 500rpm and 900rpm.. On full chat the needle rises slowly to just above 2000rpm. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Or fixed it?? As you can imagine this is quite irritating and driving by...
  17. R

    Washer Fluid wont spray!

    Filled up the washer fluid and attempted to give the windscreen a spray and nothing. :( Got a MOT booked in on Monday and need this sorted asap. I cannot hear any pump or motor going, so I'm assuming that's the issue. hoping its as simple as a fuse. Can anyone advise on the issue?
  18. S

    Issue with running after rebuild and PFC install

    I have rebuilt my engine, nothing mega just a refresh with new bearings the only other additional that could effect running is a pair of 256 deg cams. now I have some issues with running, its very rough / spluttery and can develop a miss fire this is whilst idling and no load rev up. I've also...
  19. S

    Idle issues after head gasket replacement

    So I got my car back on Tuesday after getting the head gasket replaced. I also had the inlet manifold gasket and exhaust manifold gasket replaced. My issue now is everytime I start my car up, it'll idle around 1200-1500 for a min, then drop down and fluctuate between 550ish-1100ish. At first I...
  20. S

    Speedometer and heater issues.......

    I just picked up my S15 last night and was aware of a couple issues prior to purchasing. This has pretty much been copy and pasted from another forum, but haven't gotten any replies yet. Hopefully I'll get some help here. The first issue is the speedometer doesn't work. My S15 is a Spec S, but...