1. dave_t

    FS: Genuine WELD Japan ABS Heat Shield - S14/S15 Fitment

    Item For Sale: Genuine WELD Japan ABS Heat Shield - S14/S15 Fitment (May Fit S13?) Description: Very Rare Item. Bought from a fellow S15OC member who had fitted it - but broke his car before the build was complete - so it never saw any road miles- the blue protective film is still present. Few...
  2. F

    FS: S15 aftermarket tinted lights

    eBay item 121968487112
  3. F

    S15 aftermarket rear lights

    Item number 121968487112
  4. S15RKM

    Selector fork needed 5th/reverse

    It seems my selector fork for 5th and reverse has been damaged so I need a replacement, does anybody know of where I can purchase this item or does anyone have one for sale. This is urgent so any help will be much appreciated.:)
  5. Jordan

    Don't buy from emotion-power on ebay

    It seems my luck with eBayers is getting increasingly sketchy. Some of my vacuum hoses are looking pretty tired so figured it a good idea to buy some autobahn 4mm vacuum hosing off eBay. link to the item is here...
  6. R

    What is this???

    sits in roof lining, doesnt light up or anything... factory spec-r item?
  7. N80Jamie

    FS: Crystal Rear Lights (Half Red/Clear) + SU/DMAX Style Rear Spoiler

    SU/DMAX Style Rear Spoiler Item Condition: Never used Price: £100 Item Description: Bought from EP racing, i would be selling it for more or less what i bought it for however, there is a slight but of damage on one the corners (easy fiberglass fix) from when it was posted to me. Pictures...
  8. Feast Japan

    FS: Personal FS: Apexi Power FC (Zenki S14), Nismo 555's, Z32 AFM & Harness

    Guys, have these spares off my build. Shipping is included in the prices below, pay pal is best option. And best not to worry about getting dinged for any delivery charges as will mark as gift. Item #1 - Power FC with commander and Map sensor. This is L-Jetro (air flow type), map sensor was...
  9. Adam L

    FS: K Sport 8 pots 330mm discs

    I've got a set of K Sport 8 pots with braided lines and 330mm grooved discs. The brakes have only covered just over 1000miles as I bought them and hardly used the car. There is no lip on the discs and the pads have plenty of meat left on them. I can deliver but being such a heavy item i'd have...
  10. S


    Hi guys, Was told yesterday that an S14 LSD will fit into my standard S15 casing (straight swop for stock S15 item), is this right? My diff seems to be open. Thanks Sam
  11. Adam L

    FS: S15 Power FC D Jetro

    As i'm a very recent member, I'd just like to assure people that this item does exist and I am trustworthy. I've been on the SXOC, under the same username, for over a year now and sold many items with no complaints. The below item was bought for my S14a, but plans have now changed, my new car...
  12. E

    EPR is Dmax European Distributor

    We are happy to announce EPRacing are now the Authorised European Distributor for Dmax products. :D all the Dmax Aero Kits now are Genuine item and we will provide full support on all Damx item that are sold through us also Dmax Susension setup items and Exhaust will be available soon!! :D...
  13. S15RKM

    Which Clutch/Flywheel is Best

    So the time seems to have arrived and my clutch is slipping and Im getting a rattle from somewhere when I put the clutch in and engage a gear also whilst driving it rattles it fookin anoying, could it be the thrust bearing?, anyway I want to replace the Flywheel and Clutch as one item, hopefully...
  14. Feast Japan

    FS: Z32 AFM W/Harness *Used

    Item in Japan. Postage included in the noted price. Item: Z32 Air Flow Meter W/Harness Condition: Used / Tested Price: 17,220 JPY (116.00 GBP) Inquire if interested. PM or email to sales @ Optional Z32 correct air filters also in stock. Slightly used or new at...
  15. J

    FS: S15 Bootlid and Carbon Fibre Spoiler.

    ITEM NOW SOLD! Hi Guys, After the build of our new drift cars, we have various parts left over that we are looking to sell. Here is a picture of Danny's car with the bootlid and spoiler fitted. Here are a few pictures of the bootlid and carbon fibre spoiler. Rear view Front...
  16. LuPix_S15

    GROUP BUY: Carbon duct/heatshield for S15 induction filter

    Folks :wave: Just been chatting to Jeff at EP Racing about getting a group buy sorted for a duct/heatshield item which covers the induction filter and is made out of CF. Here's the original linky: Please can everyone register their interest...
  17. mint

    FS: APEXI Filter - CHEAP!

    For sale: APEXI Induction Kit for Nissan SR20DET Item Condition: Very Used!!! Filter is wrecked but the mount is fine. Bolts not including but OEM bolts should fit. Price and price conditions: £30 Extra Info: As said, Used item, Came off my s15 Spec R when it was imported over. Pictures...
  18. C

    FS: Group buy on CF Cooling Panels - (Garage Defend Style)

    This is an old thread from an old Group buy. See below for more up to date details..**Gauging-Interest**-Cooling-Panels-Garage-Defend-replicas&p=70640 (Hope i've posted this in the right section!)...
  19. D

    FS: Oem tail end protector!

    Well i still have it took it off the car before i sold it as i taught i might buy a s15 again but after getting back driving a FWD car again i think ill stick with them as our roads and weather does not suit rwds. Anyway looking for 95 euro for it as its such a rare item and not available from...
  20. D

    FS: Cusco MZ 2 way LSD

    Item sold.