1. Krelis SX

    SpecR Aero from The Netherlands

    Hello everybody, my name is Niels and i’m since 22 December 2017 a proud owner of an S15 SpecR Aero from 1999. Straight out of Japan, waited 5 months totally (incl shipping, mot etc.) but now it’s finally mine. I’ve owned an S13 as well back in 2009 till 2012 Then decided to have kids and...
  2. R

    Scottish Longtime S-Body Fan

    Hey All, Some of you may have seen my names on various other car forums, including the SXOC. Before you all stone me for being an SXOC guy :p I'm one of the good guys. I used to be a Head Mod and Regional Rep for Scotland for a long time. Since 2006ish I’ve always loved S-Bodies, I seen my...
  3. Havoc

    Brake/tail: 7443 (21W/5W) ISSUES!!!

    Hi Guys, Right this has been f****** me off for quite a while now so wanted know if anyone of you guys had this issue or a resolve for it? So.. I have a never ending issue with my brake light bulbs ever since I replaced the factory bulbs. Basically where the car is more rigid and all drifty...
  4. L

    Hello From sunny Scotland

    Although its lashing it down ! How’s everyone doing? Good? That’s great.... So i have been looking here for some time gathering up some info about my first purchase of a Silvia. I've been looking at a few recently and just toying between what to get really. I’ve seen a " SILVIA SPEC-R V...