1. Joeh

    Japfest 2019 - Donington Park - 13/07/2019

    We're very late on this one as we've only got today to book in but we've got Club access for Japfest 2019 (Donington Park) on 13/07/2019 I'm hoping that if we can have 5 members or more book then I can organise a club stand for the S15 Owners Club If you would like to book, please do so today...
  2. Joeh

    Idea: Gauging Interest: Japfest 2019 - Donington Park

    Hello all! Unfortunately we've missed out on Japfest in Silverstone this year but we've still got Japfest in Donington Park on 13th July 2019 ahead of us, we've got a very short window of time to get this planned. From my understanding we've never held a clubstand at Donington and neither have...
  3. Joeh

    It's that time of year again! Japfest 2018

    Are you ready for Japfest 2018? The winter days are slowly fading, the roads are drying up (except for the random snow :ohwell:) the sun's out and its nearly time to get the car out of the garage again if you haven't already done so! So why not take the opportunity to meet some new people and...
  4. Keifer1903

    Club Event: JAPFEST 2018 MAY 6th SILVERSTONE

    S15 OWNERS CLUB - Register your interest for JAPFEST 2018! Britain’s biggest celebration of Japanese car culture once again at the home of Silverstone Circuit on 06 MAY 2018! Lets get the ball rolling after a fantastic turn out last year, sure we had around 20 S15's To book tickets goto Club...
  5. Protomtom

    first post

    hey all, S15 Owner! Thought I'd get in to this community after seeing some brothers on show at japfest.
  6. G

    Recommended clutch for stage 1

    Hey, looking for a bit of buying advice before I order a new clutch. Started slipping yesterday on boost so having to nurse the car about since it's my daily. Anyone got some recommendations for a stage 1 clutch? Not looking to spend more than £300, found these 2 online and wondering if anyone...
  7. Joeh

    JAPFEST 2017 - 30th April 2017 - Join us!

    S15 OWNERS CLUB - Register your interest for JAPFEST 2017! Britain’s biggest celebration of Japanese car culture once again at the home of Silverstone Circuit on 30th April 2017! We are currently in progress from getting a club stand organised, interest has already started so we thought we...
  8. Lil SpecR

    Japfest Rock Photos!

    Here is a selection of some of the S15s I saw at Japfest Rock on Sunday! At the bottom are the links to the albums on facebook so you can see lots of other cars if you fancy it :) One of the tidiest Variettas I have seen (not that I have seen many lmao!), but I really liked it :) Was...
  9. Lil SpecR

    Open Event: JapFest 2.... Is there a club stand?

    As the title says - are we as a club organising a stand for JapFest 2? Notice its moved location, used to be at Donny but I would like to go anyway, if there is a club stand you guys are my first choice haha :D
  10. C

    Japfest 2016

    whos going? Anyone been before? Any good? Do i need to book somewhere to have my car near the show or what? I don't understand these things :wack:
  11. S15_SAM

    Club Event: JAPFEST 2016 Silverstone 24th April S15oc Stand

    S15 OWNERS CLUB BOOK YOUR CLUB STAND FOR JAPFEST 2016! Britain’s biggest celebration of Japanese car culture is moving to the iconic new home of Silverstone Circuit on 24th April 2016, and we’re happy to announce club bookings are open! NEW BOOKING SYSTEM FOR CLUBS We’ve changed the way...
  12. L

    Open Event: Japfest 2016 Silvertsone 24th April

    So Japfest 2016 is now at Silverstone, are we organising a stand again? I thoroughly enjoyed my time last year with the lads :wave::notworthy:
  13. S15_SAM

    Open Event: Japfest 2015 castle combe S15oc Stand

    So Japfest 2015 is booked for the club!!! 17 confirmed! 16th May 2015 at castle combe race circuit. We've been as a club for the last couple of years! So we will be going again! Our meeting time before the event will be 7am. So be prepared to get up early or stay in a hotel. As I won't be...
  14. Cess

    Open Event: JapFest 2 - Donington Park, 17th Aug 2014

    Has anyone been or plan to go to JapFest 2 at Donington? Looking for views on the event and what people have thought about it in the past. Thanks
  15. M

    Hello from across the northsea

    Sup Guys, I'm Michael and i'm from the netherlands. Driving around in an S15 for about 5/6months now. Imported her completly stock/virgin and now its time for a change!! joined here so i might get some goodie's from other owners and also to check out what you guys are doing/did to your rides...
  16. C

    Few newbie quiestons on specs and importing :)

    Hey Folks, So start of next year, I'm looking (If all goes to plan money wise) to import an S15 Spec R. Got a couple questions if people wouldn't mind answering them for me. Body works. I know about the Aero but not 100% sure what the difference is. The first two photos on the Japfest Photo...

    My S15 in Banzai

    My old S15 is in banzai this month. Comes out today in shops, some of you may have already seen the mag if you were at japfest. If not, you should go buy it :)
  18. Parky

    Japfest 2014 S15OC photos

    Didn't get loads of photos and they were on my phone so they're not the best but here you go, add any others (the ones your mrs. took Joe?)
  19. Parky

    Open Event: Japfest convoy..?

    I'm not sure exactly where everyone who is attending is from, so no idea if it will work but japfest is closing in fast and we need to sort out some sort of convoy right? If anyone has any ideas from previous years that have worked, or if anyone is already thinking about arranging meeting...
  20. S15_SAM

    Japfest 2014 castle combe S15oc stand

    Just incase you don't venture out of this section much, Joe has just put up an Japfest 2014 organisation thread in the events section, for the S15 owners club stand. http://forum.s15oc.com/threads/13341-Japfest-10th-of-May-2014?p=138126#post138126 if your planning on going this May then sign...