1. JaseYpk

    Defi 60mm Temperature Gauge £15!!!

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321062598710 Starting bid is £15, so go grab a bargain peoples! My ebay listing says no international postage, but i'll make exceptions for S15OC members :) Jase
  2. tooley

    Grey s15 carbon bonnet m50

    Just passed me opposite side of road! I was in my white stagea. Was if you jase?
  3. JaseYpk

    Spartan race 2012!!

    http://www.spartanrace.com/index.html watch the video on the homepage. then come back here and tell me you want to do it! I'm looking at doing the Super Spartan (8+ miles) in September if anyone fancies it! Alternatively, if no one is interested (because i hate being a loner) i'l do the 3+...
  4. S

    hello all

    hello guys. i am in the process of looking for a nice S-15 spec R. so i hope to become an active member of these boards asap. i will either look to import myself or try and find a reputable dealer with a nice example. Jase