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    DM-Style Carbon Rear Window Roof Spoiler

    Hi all, Just arrived today, avaliable for:- S13, PS13, S14/A, S15. Price is £160 delivered within UK mainland. Thanks Jeffrey Team EPR
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    S15 FRP Dm-Style Roof Spoiler

    Hi all, Just arrived yesterday!!! 5 avaliable We have some more stuff but dont have a chance to take some pic yet, as soon as they unpack, I will upload some picture up here. Thanks Jeffrey
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    Mitch's drift ride

    Well, the 180 has moved on to pastures new, so I thought I'd need something to keep Team Driftgarage busy This is how I got it... Wheels were a bit weak for my liking (17X7 ET35 and fitted pretty flush), so the Advan Sienas were drafted in...a bit of archwork as required, methinks...