1. C1TPT

    Custom Map... Which one?

    Hi guys, I am getting my car mapped in march but I still havent decided what one to go for. :confused: Here are the 2 options I have boiled it down to: 1) Jez at Horsham Developments custom map �375 + �80 for Dyno Time 2) Steve at FC Tuning using Nistune software �420 + �75...
  2. K

    S14a ECU in S15

    Can this be done. I've opened up my s14a and s15 ecus and they are identical. Of course the maps will be different. The reason that i'm asking, is that i have a H-Dev stage one modified S14A ECU. If i get it custom mapped by Jez, could i use it in the S15. If not i could remove the chip and...
  3. kimi

    chip and remapp

    i've just got back from having my car fitted with a new chip and remapped :D i had it done by jez [ horsham developments ] :notworthy: to jez hes a top bloke. car feels so much smoother and got loads more pull. i recomend you go see him if you thinking of having anything done. kimi x