1. S

    FS: vertex ridge kitted s15 spec R for sale

    Full vertex ridge kit: front bumper, back bumper, side skirts, front wings and back quarts Nismo wheels Jic front and back strut braces Jic suspension arms front and back Jic coilovers Two way nismo diff 50/50 tail lights Power FC with hand held controller Nismo 555 injectors HKS air filter VRS...
  2. J

    S15 spec R Road car

    Wel after seeing this car around my town for 5 years well the past 2 its been parked up I ended up buying it yesterday .. Had horrible wheels and standard suspension :down: Sold my drift car in september and had a jzx90 MKII until wednesday this week .. Anyway the guy had 2 "other shocks" to...
  3. Shawnhalu

    DG5 vs JIC FLT-A2 Susp

    guyz 1st of all i would like to apologize for creating a suspension thread again! but i really need some opinion after reading up thread against price, JDM USDM, etc.(i myself is using JIC FLT-A2 now. which i feel is great. but it seems to be having some prob. it have some knocking sound coming...
  4. D

    Day_Dreamer Ray's yellow S15.

    Updated with new wing and cusco 2 way lsd~! Engine: Stock internal Early model S15 T28BB HKS Acuator HKS S-series Spark Plugs Splitfire Di Coil packs Splitfire ground wire kit Blitz Super Sound DD BOV with pipe Greddy Suction kit Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller Nismo 740cc...
  5. N

    Neosilvia's 99 S15

    I just noticed I never posted a members rides and specs so figured it was time to do so. Interior: Momo Safari seats with Momo harnesses. Custom welded roll cage, stock interior stripped. Custom extended collapsible steering column in process now Momo Quick Release Momo Mod 08 steering...
  6. H

    Hanks S15 Spec-R

    Hi all, Been hovering around this forum for a while now, thought it would be nice to post some more details of my car! `99 Spec-R Colour: Pearl White Specs (so far): BN-Sport bodykit FRP hood Sparco hoodpins Crazy locking 2way diff Twin Exhaust cat-back Performance catalyst Blitz I-Color Boost...