1. S

    WTB: S15 Headlamps

    I am in need of some S15 headlamps.. Happy for Non HID, or the fibreglass ebay jobs.... I just need something as I currently have no headlamps!!! Cheers
  2. S15AK

    Jobs to do while engine out?

    Hi Guys, I'm having my engine taken out to fix an oil leak, but also we have found that the sump has been patched up with liquid metal :wack: It must of got damage while they dropped the SR20DET into it (was done way before I got the car). So while its out, I was thinking what worth while but...
  3. naha_music

    DIY Paint Jobs

    Have anyone of you all your own paint jobs, i.e.. full body, body kit, interior, etc? If so, I'd like to see some pics and description on what and how you did it.
  4. T

    I am new and i am looking for some parts

    Hi all I can see i have jouined a very busy forum, currenly 4 people on line - sorry used to being on SXOC where people do not have jobs. Anyway, i joind as i am after: a Z32 AFM and s15 injectors or some nimo 555 PM me if you have any thanks Nick
  5. moomin

    Custom Vinyl/Graphics/Window tint type dude!!

    Hello everyone!!! Just thought i would let everyone know about this, my best buddy is a graphics manager, and does alot of stuff on the side, he has recently opened his own little workshop and is gonna go at it alone, so i thought i would try to throw some work his way!!! he is one of the...