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    My S15 N/A

    Hey guys! I joined this forum a short while ago and have been looking through builds and just looking for general advice. I decided to put a few pics of my own up so here she is :) It was originally an automatic but was converted to 5 speed manual and had a 2way diff put on when imported :)...
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    Hey, new from Australia

    Hey, I'm new from Australia, excited to have joined :D
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    Hey people, I am new to this forum. Just joined it. Passionate about automobile. Hopefully will enjoy my stay.
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    Hi Joined the site today, thought id just say a quick hello. im looking at purchasing an s15 soon. im currently driving an audi s3, previous to purchasing the audi i owned an s14a and selling that has got to be one of the worst motoring decisions iv made. Obviously i know some of the issue's...
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    Rebuilding Z32 Master Cylinder?

    I tried to crack it open but don't know how to pull the rear end once I take the aluminium cover off.... There are black insert that I need to pull out but how is it joined? Also is there anyway I can take the cup off too?
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    The END!!!

    Hi guys and gals as u know i had my car for sale and sold it last weekend after 3 weeks so was happy enough. was happy enough with the price i got and the new owner picked it up yesterday and in fairness he got a really good car just hope he minds it like i did. was a really fun car and was my...
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    hi everyone im new here

    just a quick hello how you doin have been looking on here for a while but just joined nice to meet you all:wave:
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    Hello s15oc!

    Hi eveyone, Just joined there tonight. Lovin all the info ye put together, wicked job. Keep up the great work, Ciaran.
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    New Member From Leeds

    Hello people! I am currently a Toyota Supra N/A Aerotop owner looking to sell up and get myself an S15. Think it will be a while before im in an S15 but I have joined the club so I can gain as much info as possible before I buy, and then hopefully contribute to the club when I get my own...
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    Another Melbourne 15

    Hey All, Joined the last forum and found this one again so joined up. I have a Black Aus Spec S (Yes it does have a turbo). No mods yet as insurance is killing me being 20yrs old. Plan to get a turbo back CES exhaust with K&N Pod next. So far I have only changed the badges to Silvia and put...
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    Hi Everyone, Joined S15OC before this new Forum started but have not been very active since I joined. I'm from Sydney Australia. Bought my 2002 GT Spec R just over 6 months now. My previous cars have all been rotary powered, had a SA22C and FC RX7's. I really miss the buzz of the rotaries...