1. P

    Release Bearing?

    Oh joy! I think my release bearing is going. Only makes a noise when engaging a gear (by lifting clutch etc) after the car has been stood for while. And you can only really get it to make the noise twice before it goes away completely for the rest of the journey. Dont think it could be...
  2. G

    Standard S15 front seats

    hey lads, just wondering do the standard S15 seats offer much back support and are they comfortable for journeys of 2 hours or so? one of the reasons i got rid of my MX5 was the seats being so uncomfortable. grand on a short journey but not on any journey over an hour long or so :no:
  3. Topper

    Mapping Trip

    Ok, following on from here -, I have been down to the south of Englandshire to have my car mapped. On my travels down, i took a few pictures of things on the way - Whilst there, i took a few pictures. 1st off, on the...